The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


34. chapter 33

The river seemed to go on forever to us but soon we finely came to the main volcano, or we think it is. I can see the spews of lava coughing up itself to where it will spit up itself. I was nervous that I was wrong but I knew one thing that I couldn’t be that off. The resin why I knew is because I could hear Grimman’s voice just behind me once again.

“I see the future can survive the past.” Grimen sighed and I turned around and ready to fight but with what that I could use other than almost too hot to handle coals. I can see that he still had the hatred that he had earlier that was forged from the past.

“I am the Keeper. I am I can handle seeing myself again and I know that I am through with you,” I growled at him wondering what he is saying, we stood of with each other thinking that one of us has to attack the other while our words bounced off of each other.

“Yes KEEPER you will be finished with me when I put you out to your slumber.” Grimman snickered.

“No Grim, it is you that will be finished.”  I threatened and he had fire into his glare that told me that I was in a world of parental hurt.

I lunged to him and he grabbed my arms and flipped me to my back and I knew that he had forgotten that it was two on one. I can see my past self sneak over to help me out by grabbing Grinman by the color of his shirt. In one swoop he went from on his feet to on his back quickly. He looked at my past self like he wasn’t expecting that as he blinked quickly.

“That wasn’t what you were exstecting huh, love?” I asked as I got on top of him to pin Grimman down. Grimman had nothing to say but I was thinking that I had to have won but alas I knew my victory was short.

The small land was covered in now crested flow and full of vapors of smoke and ash. The lava was just enough to me the stream that we saw earlier but I think it had cooled to what it was. I started to think that this might be a bit harder than what I had expected. I glanced over to my past and she had the same astonished look that I do since the bottom of the falls looked much livelier than the top is at the moment.

“Is this place about to...” My past shelf trailed trying her hardest not to say what both of us were thinking. That this planet was decaying into death and will never become what it is supposed to be. I felt ashamed that where we need to go is after this one strand that looks like a normal person could now jump across. It is amazing how the lava falls is still sloping a few feet behind us.

“Go into oblivion.” I finished felling the damper between us grow as a stream a steam hissed in front of my past self, knocking her back a few feet to where she fell over the lip. She tipped backwards as a rush of panic filled me as she went over the edge and before I could get there fast enough a small creature with very little light showed after it emerging from the ground. I wasn’t sure it was friendly until I came over to the lip. I can see my past self’s panicked face that was completely white and was full of hope that this thing would not drop her.  I was thinking that there was no way that the little creature was going to lift her up to the lip. Fortunately, I was wrong and the little creature’s strength hoisted her right up the lip and to where she could get to her feet. I stood there watching in wonder of how a little flame like creature that was almost made completely out of the lava that is in this earth could hoist a human with a burn mark because of the charcoal skin.

I could see the redness of the burn that had formed on her hands. I was wondering what we could wrap those in but she refused. I could feel the heat start to swell on my palms and everything as the scars appeared. The singe of skin made tears fall from my eyes while the pain was only temporary but I knew now that those scars would mark me for the rest of my life. They turned my skin to a light amber and I can tell that it was being more of a pain then I am in since I bet it just registered in her mind.

She screamed a blood curling scream and went down to a knelling position. I can see the tears strain across her face as I watched and offered her the padding while I wondered if there was any plant life around that might help us both with the burn.

“I can’t see anything that will help us with this wound.” I complained and the Flamoid looked like he knew what I was talking about.  The creature went into the ground for a moment and I started to think that it had abandoned us but it had returned. The Flamoid came back with some sort of powder.

“Try this it is a healing crystal.” The Flamoid chimed and I was amazed.

“Are you sure we are different and what happened to our guide?” I asked unsure about what else to say. I felt the crystal in my hands, the heat and cold from the crystal rated onto my hands and I was amazed.  The two heats had joined into one to where the crystal could help the wounds which gave me an idea. I moved the crystal around my hands.

I lay the crystal shards down onto my past self’s hands and smiled as I looked down at the scars and they were almost gone I was quite happy. I smiled in delight that there wounds weren’t gone but might as well had not happened. I can see that my past self is shifting the crystals in her hand to where I had to watch my own hands to see that the scars that I had left behind when I had the crystals became smooth as a rush of warmth and healing convert the scars into pink skin that looked almost new onto my hands to where you can barely tell that I had been even close to the Flamoid’s skin. I was happy to see the scars gone but I was happy to see the shocked face of my past self in disbelief that this truly did work.

The Flamoid smiled as if he knew exactly what he was doing and I realized that the lava dripped like our guide did before we got separated. “I am happy that I could find both of you to where I was able to save two lives.” He said. I let out a slight burst of laughter thinking that this had to be insane that our guide just had to be the one that saves us both.

“I am happy that you had caught up with us.” Was all that could come out of my mouth as the adrenaline pumped through my body.

“So am I. Now come our lands are both dying.”  The Flamoid stated and we went on thinking that the journey might end soon and as swiftly that I had hoped or at least a bit less exciting.

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