The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


27. chapter 26

I started to wonder what was going in her mind that she would do such a thing but I have to keep my head straight before this all backfires on both of us so it meant that I had to trust her. I kept myself calm but it was hard for me since she just set herself up to betray me. I wanted to just kill her right then but I knew that I needed to keep my past alive. She glared at me coldly but she had something hidden behind the cold. I can see that she was trying to sacrifice herself.

“And how do you think we should dispose of her?” She asked and my head was spinning in serial ways thinking that she has to be mistaken. I was thinking that I was going to die. She put her finger though his midnight hair that act made me sick thinking that she may be looking at the villain like she love him but I immediately tried to stay focused.

“Well any suggestions other than send her,” Grimman said with his voice cloaked in happiness to the fact that he might have one hero apron him and now the arrow of love might had hit its mark on the other. “Into space.” He suggested and I felt like there was something that I wasn’t getting until  Mircina stepped forward.

“I got something better.” She said and held a picture of something in her hands and I knew that I was going to be lost in these lands IF we go to these lands that are outside these walls again but as I know Mircina she would stay on script as best as she could. A chill went back down my back thinking that she might not keep her word and I was spinning in my mind while I was horribly confused and insecure of the future.

The picture looked from where I stood looked like the land of the Flamoids, but if she had gotten it then the net question would be the aspect of when she got it. The time piece had to of been taken sometime that was close to now but I am not sure what to do while Mircina looked confident while I was working myself up to something that was out of my control.

Mircina went behind me and touched one of her long fingers onto my shoulder and let it drag across my shoulder blades to where she had stopped on the second one and started to say, “She knows that she cannot comb through these lands without help… She would die from exposure of ash and smoke if don’t get to safety where I am sending them.” She sassed and Grimman’s eyes glistened while the smile got darker and sleazy.

“That would be wonderful since my idea would be a bit… messy.” Grimman said and my stomach turned while he pushed my past self to where she fell down the steps that they had moved on top of. My past self tumbled over herself down the four steps while I rushed by my own side and saw that she was as well in panic of what these two was planning.

I looked up and I knew that we had to move along while I helped myself up and we traded glances thinking that we had no choice since Grimman is right behind us and could destroy us like I did during the time that alien tried to capture me. All Grimman would have to do is just place the time piece on our backs and let the wormhole open inside us and we would be, what the earthlings say, pushing up daisies.

“You have no idea what you are doing!” I called and Mircina smiled a happy smile that I thought was off from the moment.

“I do, the savior of worlds will fall into a pit of lava but she had no way around like she had been with her CRUTCH, like I had been for a while.” she rambled and placed the picture where the lava and ash sizzled a bit on the cold floor and I had a very good idea of where I was heading and I saw my past self start to look at me confused. I looked into the portal from the outside and something caught my eye.

A little lava creature walking on two legs whose body looked not as bright as I think it should be. The little creature noticed me and opened its mouth as if to say hello but it must had seen Grimman or something that shocked it to where it ran away but it made me feel a bit better since Mircina was holding on to her word. Plus she was helping me save mine while being playfully loyal to Grimman.

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