The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


26. chapter 25

I can hear the footsteps come around the aria where we are heading. I looked at the grand aria that still overwhelmed me but I tried my hardest to not have it overcome me like it had as I got my powers ready to get myself a section of Grimman’s life.

I can hear some soft footsteps that I knew wasn’t ours that I knew was Grimman’s and I hoped was the past version that killed the future and I was partly right since only the past one came behind my past self and had his powers ready like the present did to Mircina. I could feel panic for my own life as I could see it hang in the balance.

“Grimmen, Think about what you are doing?” I called and he smiled a greasy smile that made me sick to see but I had to keep my presence in tact. He started to laugh for some reason that I thought and I knew was unnecessary.

“Finally going off script, are we Temetra?” He asked and it started to irritate me that he would mention something like that.

“I am and I don’t care!” I yelled powerfully thinking that I had to go off script because of the scene that had played out in front of all of us.

“Temper, Temper Temetra you don’t want to destroy yourself as well as a place that you care about.” Grimman sighed while shaking his head.

I thought that I would defiantly see time shift as the fire burned between ups as our eyes were locked while my wonder in him faded a bit. Grimmen whisked around me quickly knocking me to the floor I can hear my body crash against the tile and hurting like I had broken something or that I hit the ground hard which I would not be to surprise of.

“To bad Time Keeper that you can’t keep time like you should because if you could you would save yourself right now.”Grimman smirked obviously hiding another person behind his back that I was hoping was Mircina that way the two of my own traitors can work out their differences.

“What do you mean?” I said and he grinned widely. Then I spotted my sack peering around his waist and I could see my hairs on my own skin raise as I slowly looked next to me and find Mircina trying to get her legs to stiffen so she could stand.

“I mean I know what it might mean if the other person kills a past the future dose not exists and when both don’t exsist then the others will take over.” He snarled which I thought that Grimman could be sinister but not by as much as he is now to where I remembered the flame that the Flamoids need to survive was out and it was because of them

“Then why not have BOTH of us.” I offered and Mircina glanced over me while my own past’s mouth dropped open because I knew that she wanted to go with him. Grimmen’s eyes became a cosmic sky when I was done with my statement. I could tell he wanted me, the present Temetra but both of us would possibly seal Mircina’s fate for good since she barley survived last time she took on the objective.

“That is very kind of you Temetra,” He chimed but then I interrupted as I shook my head in a fake realization of something.

“Oh dear something is not quite right.” I started and I knew I got his full attention. He was looking and watching my every move as I made my way to my past self and him.

“What?” he hissed and I smiled thinking that not only that I have his full attention I have his full guard down to where it is only up for what I am proposing, perfect.

“Oh, that there is only one of you and there are only two of us that would be in your captivity. Grimman, I know you are dashingly strong and handsome to sweep me off my feet but alas you have no idea what we are both capable of so I must say I had warn you that two Time keepers verses, what? A man that is a Traveler? No powers that will help him get back other than a special device that he has like oh, THIS!” I slammed my hand hard enough that I went through something that I think was a removable panel and fiddled around inside for a quick moment to make sure I am yanking out the wires that way I wouldn’t be in this goose case again.

“Oh dear you blew the heater or air conditioner.” He sassed and I dropped my handful of sorrow in defeat.  “Poor Temetra, the past surly has caught up to you. Now what you will leave your friend here to die because you have chosen once again to come with me in hopes that I would make the same mistake as I had done before I had met my own past self, pitiful.”

I was flabbergasted that I was talking to the past Grimman all this time but while I had the past here he only knows me as what I was beforehand till now in his short while of knowing my present self. I grinned at that notion since I know that I can get a time loop caught in his gut and let him forever last in limbo and dying.

“You won’t take them!” I heard Mircina’s voice ring out putting a hole in my plans. She slowly stood and had me rush to help her in support.  She had determination lit in her eyes which worried me as I knew what might happen to her and I didn’t want that to come true.

“Mircina,” I whispered caution into her ear but she refused to appeal it.

“Temetra, this is just the plan I am not supposed to be the greatest peace of the universe, Let me go. Remember our saying?” She spoke as if she was saying her final goodbyes before death came in and swept her away forever.

“Save the past, save the future.” I rang out and I can sense the connection between us as she stepped forward without hesitation or restraint. I felt proud that I knew her as she was the one that was standing in front of the beast like I had but we both had failed.

“I will go as a replacement.” She started like she is about to duel a mighty worrier which I knew was more of a big bully as her shoulders rolled back and she stood straighter than I imagined her to act. “Besides I know the timeline perfectly and will help you destroy Tematra because I do know one thing Grimman that I had been withholding from both of you for a very long time.” She got close to Grimman which slowly made me sick but I started to wonder what was happening while I knew she was sacrificing herself the next few words made me think that I was going to drop dead of a heart stoppage than a Time pearce. “I Love you and I can prove to you that right now.” She sadistically chimed as she kidded Grimman on the cheek. “By killing Timetra once and for all.”

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