The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


19. chapter 18

A hug was washed over me and I was baffled by the response thinking that I should have been dead instead of loved. I looked down and saw a smile that I had recognized. The cuteness was definitely apparent to the girl that I know as Mircina.

“I thought I lost you my friend.” I cried and I knew that she had completed her mission. I was overjoyed that I had found her and she was acting the same. “What is this place?” I asked again but this time I was choking on the tears of joy instead of sadness.

“Tis our home it isn’t gone!” She said and I was stunned but still the lushness was not apparent to my now accruing memory. I couldn’t picture that this is Caverena.

“I can’t picture it.” I whispered to her as I touched the ash and let it stain from my fingers steadily like the time that had gotten away from me.

“You will come.”

The person grabbed my hand but I wouldn’t budge. The thought of me being back in Caverena spooked me knowing that I am still mad at that notion that she was one that might had framed me but now that I had been awake for a while I had realized that the sun was in the midday sky and I was starting to hear my middle self growl for rations.

We were walking for a bit and I just kept drifting to where my middle self was starting to make a sound to where it was more of a musical peace than anything else. I can see something form over the horizon like buildings were rising before me that I never knew would be there without this person that I have no clue whom his or even her name is.

“I know I am asking this a bit late but what is your name?” I asked in pieces thinking that I am stepping on her feet in this new conversation. The person’s eyes flashed in concern that he or she must had realized that they had made a mistake.

“My name is what you have already found.” The person said and I was surprised that the person looked familiar just then to where I could have sworn that the person was Mircina.

“Mircina.” I let out of my mouth and at that moment a little chuckle came from behind us and I was scared that I might be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I was wondering what happened to you don’t worry the Flamoids are save I see that Grimman had dropped you to your escort.” I hear Mircina and then I was instantly confused to what was truly going on and that why is the whole aspect is important let alone one moment of glory that I concurred when I was on Caverena as a simple Keeper and now I am slowly shifting to being a traveler.

I was happy to see her but at the same time I felt lost that she is there with me and this random person that I can hear something behind me happening like a skin falling off but I decided to ignore it.

 “What are you doing here?” I asked and she came up to me and it was a hoax as I thought that I was seeing her but she had faded into the sand to a little hallow disk and I grasped it. The cool mettle was somewhat calming to my touch but the touch of a sharp object makes me stand up to where I was.

“Capturing you Come the queen is waiting.” The person said and I noticed that the person had belted her skin to where there is now an entity of a purple haze that did not have a dagger or sword but yet a cool flame that might freeze me in seconds as I thought that I had been placed in a dream and I just had transferred into this one when I failed to wake on the last one.

“I will go with you one condition.” I asked and the haze glared at me with red eyed slits that did send my heart racing and in my throat as I choked up my last few words that I can think of but I did have one thing in my bag that might be able to help. That is the power of time.

“What is that my new slave.” The haze hissed as the eyes widened at the thought of a perfect deal. I can hear the grimness in her voice as I started to think that I was trying to reach for that one memory photo since I think that Mircina must had placed the Cleven in my bag to just do that and bring me to the past there is a reason, there must.

I scrambled as I can feel the strap loosen and then it falls down my arm to where my bag thumped to the ground and the memory I had grabbed was the memory of Importance, the one that looks like the land of the Flamoids and i can feel the mist disappearing behind me as I can feel the heat and coldness of time as well as space meet once again.  The wormhole opened behind me and I fell backward knowing that the mist had dissolved in time. I didn’t for once felt worried about the bit of history that I had created as I hear the platform crunch through me to where it was almost like a trampoline managing my weight.  I looked at the portal thinking that I am happy that that is over as I grasped the piece of time again and thought that this would be a wonderful place to learn more about at a later date.

I gathered my things thinking that I had to keep moving somehow. I can start to see the looming sky move around me saying that the outside had been staying still but here it speeds up and slows down at a glance. I figured I might as well fallow the path when each one leads me to something even more confusing than the last it seems as the everlasting path has to end soon or just that it keeps going though I am not a traveler I am curious about this item in question.

I took my first few steps in this realm and they felt wrong so wrong like I was running from my own destiny or goal that was preset. I started to scurry through my bag and the round spear of the Cleven stared at me in the face almost saying it is time to change. I picked it out of my bag feeling silly that I thought that it was a lite up toy when it was something more wonderful and extraordinary as one ball can light or destroy a whole planet in an instant.

I thought of throwing it into the air and letting it go through my hands on purpose to see it fall pass me over and over again for amusement but no I have to go back and that back is to the beginning.  I stashed the ball back into my bag and there it was the one that I took from Caverena I don’t know when since before the part where we captured the ship more likely, which is where I needed to go.

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