The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


14. Chapter 13

I can feel a rush of power come over me while I can feel the heat rise before me while the chaos roared underneath me as I stayed questioning if I was doing the correct thing.  I looked at my planet below thinking that this is it. I was wondering if I was doing the right thing by leaving the planet. I can see the people gathering what they could but we didn’t have much with us so Mircina, Grimman, and I gathered together in the ship to where there was one last article to do.

“We have to go back!” I yelled thinking that Caverena’s law forces would fallow us but sure enough, there were other smaller ships behind us and I was anticipating that it was just others that were fallowing us just because of us being in a bus like spacecraft. But as I glanced out of the window of the craft I see them, the Earth form of a flying car that was coming closer and closer and laying some hits on our back bumper which made us flay forward while our bodies went to the back because of lack of gravity.

“They found us!” I cried thinking that this isn’t going to be good as I clenched my bag that I didn’t know had the one thing that I knew they needed, a Cleven, a colorful ball that houses the cleanliness of Caverena and I have it as one way of authorizing us finish the digression of decay. I looked back at our planet, of which we were inspecting, die.  I started to scatter my hands as I franticly viewed around for something for me to hold on since I was dumb to be in the back were there were no restraints.

“Grimman, can you help me out!” Mircina called out as she struggled to keep the ship steady. Grimman jumped into action by getting up next to her.

“Yah, I think so.” Grimman said as he switched seats with Mircina that looked suspicious to me as she viewed at me with eyes that knew that we were in distress. “How In the world did they find us in the first place we only stole one craft!”

“Well what do you think?” I glanced at my bag and held out the Cleven and held it. I was in shock that it was in my bag in the first place although I was part of the heist. I looked at Mircina whom was acting like she had no clue what she was chatting about.

“What, how did you get that?”Mircina asked as she threw me under the Craft in a figurative way. I started to think of a way to cover myself but I tunneled a deeper hovel than what I had.

“I don’t know but I do know the motive behind it, I saw this dwelling already, it is called Earth and I always wanted to live there so, I, made sure I was going to go back but I had to steal the one thing. “ I held up the Cleven hoping that it would be a good thing but just once again, backfired.

“Why, WHY?” Gamman was probing and trying to resist letting go of the wheal.

“Because I liked it better, I like Earth better!” I alleged knowing that I am going to die now in the vacuum of space and I was fine with that in my mind.

“That doesn’t mean that you could do that?” Mircina shuddered and I saw her gap in the decree since now she is running out of ways to accuse me of what I didn’t do.

“I don’t know what to say it is either that or we watch it suffer and there are only three of us here!” I argued and I could tell that I hit a mark with Gammen and Mircina when he stood out of the seat after putting the ship, on what I believed was, autopilot  and jumped up and got defensive but to my astonishment it wasn’t at me as my love stood by my side.  Mircina smiled grimly as she whirled around and snatched the Cleven out of my hand with blinding speed.

“I like the way you reason.” She smirked holding the Cleven in full view which gave me a blissful feeling of wanting to know what she was thinking since she revealed that she was the one whom stole the Cleven and not me.

“You do?” I questioned the haphazard question that I knew was irrelevant to the topic.

“Yes, I do. I like the way you pretty much did what you had to do.” Mircina tried to argue but I knew how to conquer it.

Well, you manipulated me!” I accused and she looked like she was enjoying it.

“So true! I manipulated you perfectly so you can do my bidding!” She said as she held her hand out and I knew what she was about to do when Time Keepers are taking a time picture and collect the memory.

“And that is why you have to go away!” I yelled and then she answered brightly a sly answer.

“No, you forget you are not the only Time Keeper! The one of few time keepers left is standing right in front of you!” She started to get louder then she settled herself down to where she was back to being the mysterious Mircina instead of the power trip one. “So, Temetra, who is going to be the savior and whom, is going to die with you?”  Mircina said as I bright light came in front of my eyes and I could feel Grimmen’s hand wrap around mine in fear while I froze in place thinking this was it for the both of us.

“Die with me what do you mean die with me?” I tried to understand what she meant as the light started to blind us and Grimman’s grip gotten to the tightest that I had felt him do. I looked at him and he just looked at me with tears in his eyes as I knew what she was saying now, we wouldn’t be able to remember any of this and I felt my heart smacker as I viewed forward with him and I knew we were both trying to look strong to commemorate the moment the way we were meant to be.

“Let me show you.” Mircina alleged as that was the last words that I had heard on this ship the same one that I am on right now at this moment but had conveyed me more memories that connected this to them.

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