Marrying The Loser

Azalea's father blindly pairs her with the town loser, Ryder. They must marry. But do they end up actually falling in love? Read more to find out!


1. Intro

Azalea Elisa Fern is the gorgeous royalty. Boys look at her with admiration, while girls look at her with envy. At the time, Azalea is 17 years old. Once her eighteenth birthday rolls around, Azalea's father must chose her future husband. But nobody thought it might be the town loser.

He's a geek, nerd, a loser. He is repeatedly beat up because of his IQ. Ryder Kayden Randall (aka RR, courtesy of his initials), never was ever even considered worthy enough to marry such a gorgeous young lady. Though, Ryder is attractive, he is constantly bullied. This hides his handsomeness. He is currently the same age as Azalea. Heck, they even have the same exact birthday!

Azalea was born into a royal family. Her father traditionally, picks out her future husband. Azalea always thought that she would get lucky and marry a gorgeous man that also received royalty. Clea, Azalea's older sister, married a stunning, rich prince. But Azalea's father blindly picks a loser to marry his daughter? Really?

Will these two opposites actually attract? Will Azalea fall in love with a nerd? Will Ryder turn down the marriage? (That would call for an execution though, right?)




This may be a cliché story, but I think it will turn out to be a good one. Byee <3


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