This is War

On 1998, a city called Black star was attacked. So many men died, families destroyed and the whole city was damaged. The war ended 3 months later, Black Star won and it took 2 years to fix the city. Since then, there was a truce, all wars ended....... Until now.

It's 2015 now. All kids at school, teens are hanging around somewhere-maybe even skipped a few classes- and all adults at work or at home. The whole city was peaceful and happy, when all of a sudden, all the adults, every single person 18+ disappeared. They've been abducted. It was a war, the greatest war in years.

Now it's up to Erin Jade Kazame and her friends to save Black Star and possibly the whole world from crashing into pieces.

This is War. Not a game.


2. Chapter 2

Jacob sighed as he tuned out the teacher talking about the reproductive system. He put the palm of his hand under his chin, looking around for something to entertain him. His eyes stopped when he looked at the girl sitting next to him, Leslie. Jacob stared at her, soft snores and mumbles escaped her lips as she slept there next to him. He smiled ever so slightly and listened to every snore and sound that he could hear.

Soon enough the bell rang, snapping him out of his daydream. Leslie's eyes fluttered open and Jacob looked away quickly, hoping she didn't notice him staring. She took her head off her arms, sitting up straight and looking over at Jacob. "You waiting for me?" She asked him quietly. He looked back at her, backpack already slung around his shoulder and nodded. She smiled and quickly packed her things, swung her backpack over her shoulder and stood up. Jacob stood up with her and they both exited the classroom.

It was lunch break, so they met up with the others and walked to cafeteria together. "Meat loaf?" Daniel said disgusted with the food for the day. He looked at the others, who were also disgusted with the food, and said,"I'm suddenly not hungry." The rest of them agreed as they walked to their table. "Hey Leslie!" They all heard someone call from afar. They turned around, eyes landing on a girl with dark brown hair. Leslie's face lit up as she recognized the new girl walking towards them.

"Over hear!" Leslie said waving her hand in the air. Erin looked at her friend and with sarcasm heavily in her voice said, "She knows that, she wouldn't be walking over here if she didn't." Leslie looked at her friend annoyed at what she said. "I know that!!" She yelled. Daniel and the others sweat dropped as Erin said, "Then why did you have to yell 'over hear' when you knew she already knew where we were?"

Leslie was a sweet girl, but when she was angry or annoyed, she can get very....aggressive and violent. Marissa had finally arrived at the table when Leslie tried to punch Erin. Tried. Erin dodged the punch easily and grabbed Leslie's arm, stopping her from accidentally punching Daniel in the face. "Um...did something happen?" Marissa asked looking surprised at what she had just saw. Leslie brought her hand back to herself as Erin let go of it.

"No, nothing happened." Erin said, sitting back down next to Daniel, checking if got hurt. Zach looked at Marissa and glared as he recognized who she was. Marissa frowned as she saw him glare at her. "Sit down!" Leslie said as she sat down next to Jacob, Marissa sitting next to her. Zach looked away and ignored Marissa the rest of the lunch break. After a few minutes of talking, the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch break.

A few hours passed and school ended. As the six of them were packing their things, they had the same class for last period, they saw something very impossible happen. The teacher had disappeared out of thin air. They looked at each other with utter shock and walked slowly to the teacher's desk. Suddenly they heard talking, it was the tv the school used to watch the news and other stuff.

They watched as a seventeen year old boy with brown hair, started explaining that adults all over the city has disappeared. He sounded panicked and scared. The six teens heard a yell and then a horrified and deafening scream. They ran out of the classroom and saw everyone gathered around something or was it a someone? They walked closer, Erin leading, and what they saw was a masked man holding some trigger. The other teens must've thought it was a trigger to a bomb and panicked.

"Don't worry, it's not a bomb. It's a device that made your teacher, your parents, guardians and every adult disappear. They're safe, I won't harm them." He said sounding kind, too kind. Erin stepped up and said,"What are you going to do to them? What do you want with them?" The masked man looked at her and said,"I'm just gonna keep them hostage until I my preparations are ready. You might be asking what preparations right? Well, I'm gonna take over Black Star City and then the world."

Erin looked beyond angry now. That's never a good thing. "And what makes you think we'll let you?! This is our city!" She yelled, hands closed into fist, shaking, wanting to hit something. He laughed saying, "Because you don't want me to kill those innocent adults held hostage, do you?" Erin's whole body was shaking now, not out of fear but out of anger. "You said you weren't gonna hurt them!" A girl in the crowd yelled, almost about to cry. "I did? I meant I wouldn't if you didn't fight me, but I would if you tried to." The man said, not a single emotion could be heard.

"We won't." Erin said as she turned around and walked back to the others. "What?!" Everyone yelled. "If you want them to live, I would listen to the girl." As soon as he said that he disappeared, leaving a cloud of smoke in his place. Leslie looked at Erin and yelled,"You're just giving up?! This isn't like you! The Erin I know would do anything and everything to save this city!!" The rest of them agreed, excluding Marissa. Erin looked at them and said,"I still am."

Everyone looked shocked and watched as Erin went to her locker, pulling out a backpack. It wasn't her school bag, she had that on her back, so they wondered why she had brought another bag to school. They walked closer to her as she unzipped the bag. She pulled out a small gun, already loaded and dumped everything else one the floor. "You brought weapons to school?!? Are you crazy?!" They all yelled in unison.

She ignored them, picking up a belt latched with daggers and mini knives. She wrapped it around her thigh and locked it so it'll stay in place. After that, she picked a few more guns and a belt, latching the said guns to the belt and wrapped it around her waist. She picked up a small pouch filled with amo and wrapped it around her other thigh. The others just watched as she did this and she looked at them saying, "Pick your weapon."

"What?!" They exclaimed. She sighed and explained,"I'm not gonna let a guy in a mask take over the city my parents and family fought so hard to protect so easily. So pick your weapons, because we're gonna fight that dude. It's okay if you don't want to, I can survive on my own anyways." Everyone smiled, knowing that the Erin they knew was still there. They picked up their desired weapons, except Marissa. "I'm just gonna be your tech girl. I don't really like weapons. Besides, I don't think my brother would let me have one." She said, explaining her actions.

"You're damn right I wouldn't!" Zach said, shocking everyone. "She's your sister?!" Leslie exclaimed. Zach just nodded and said,"She's good with computers and hacking, she could do that instead." "Alright, but she'll still need a gun to protect herself when we have to leave her alone." Daniel said. Jacob agreed, as did everyone else. "Fine, one gun. A small one." The silver haired boy said harshly.

Erin handed Marissa a small gun, teaching her how to use it and then said,"Alright, first we need to evacuate the others and get the children from the elementary schools safe. Don't forget to check all houses in the city to see if there are babies there and anywhere else. Our first priority is to protect the children and everyone else. Got it?" They all saluted and got to work. They got everyone not fighting to safety and all met at Erin's house.

"Alright, Marissa I want you to find any lead where the masked man could be." Erin said looking at Marissa. She nodded and said,"Got it!" "As for the rest of us, I'll need to train you on using your weapons, dodging and everything else. I have more weapons in the basement. Just step on the mark on the ground and they'll appear. Okay, that's it! Let's get started!"

Everyone nodded, wondering how Erin managed to make something like that in her basement. "Um, what does this mean? What's going to happen?" Leslie asked scared of what was to come. Erin turned around to look at them and said with confidence that they wished they had,"This is war. So be ready."

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