This is War

On 1998, a city called Black star was attacked. So many men died, families destroyed and the whole city was damaged. The war ended 3 months later, Black Star won and it took 2 years to fix the city. Since then, there was a truce, all wars ended....... Until now.

It's 2015 now. All kids at school, teens are hanging around somewhere-maybe even skipped a few classes- and all adults at work or at home. The whole city was peaceful and happy, when all of a sudden, all the adults, every single person 18+ disappeared. They've been abducted. It was a war, the greatest war in years.

Now it's up to Erin Jade Kazame and her friends to save Black Star and possibly the whole world from crashing into pieces.

This is War. Not a game.


1. Chapter 1

Looking up at the now lit sky, Erin sighed as memories flashed into her mind. She remembered everything about the Great War on 1998. Though, she was just a child back then, she remembered everything up to the point where her parents were killed right before her eyes. She remembered all the blood and all the bodies that laid there right in front of her. Erin was all alone now. She didn't have a family, she only had her friends.

Even so, it wasn't enough. She wanted to feel her mom and dad's arms wrap around her body as she cried and say that it was alright. That they were there for her. But she knew better then to dream about a life that was stolen from her. "Erin!" A voice snapped her out of her thoughts. She took her eyes off the sky and towards the driveway of her small house. There, stood her best friend Daniel, smiling and waving.

Erin smiled and quickly jumped off the roof to the ground where Daniel stood. Now, any person who didn't know Erin would probably scream that she was crazy and could've broke a leg or something. But the dirty blonde boy knew that Erin was a professional at these things. "Hey." He greeted as she picked up her backpack and walked towards him.

"Hi, you ready?" The young teenage girl asked. Daniel sighed out of annoyance, "I don't want to go to school! Can't we just skip it and go to the park or something?" Erin giggled and patted the boy's back as she shook her head, signaling that they weren't gonna cut classes. The boy sighed once again, looking at the girl's smiling face. He started to smile again, knowing that, that smile was only shown when with him.

"Alright, let's go." He said as they both started walking towards the prison they called school.

{At school}

They both sighed as they've finally arrived at the school. Teens were scattered all around the campus either talking or sleeping. They both scanned the area, trying to find their desired object. Both of their eyes stopped as they saw a girl with light brown hair and beautiful eyes to match. As she saw them, she waved and started to walk towards them, as did they.

When they've finally reached each other, the girl started to speak. "Hi guys! Have you heard? There's gonna be a new student today. Her name is Marissa and she's gonna be in our home room!" The brunette said excited to have a new friend. Erin rolled her eyes as she watched her friend ramble on about the new girl. Daniel noticed this and smirked. When he was about to make a smart remark on how it isn't nice to roll your eyes at people, he was suddenly interrupted by a voice behind Leslie.

"You know, it's not nice to roll your eyes at people while they're talking to you." Leslie turned around, hearing the new voice. She smiled wider, if that's even possible, as she noticed dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. "Jacob! It's about time you came! I thought you were skipping school today." The young and hyperactive girl exclaimed, hugging her best friend. "I would've if my mom wasn't there." He replied hugging back.

The girl, which Jacob's remark was pointed at, scowled at him. Although the two were friends, she completely hated him because of his incredible timing and smart remarks. But she would never say that aloud, because she knew her friend loved him more than just a friend. Jacob saw the scowl on Erin's face and smirked, making her scowl even more.

When Leslie had finally let go of the blonde boy, Erin started to talk. "Did you know that it's rude to interrupt our conversation?" Daniel sighed, knowing that this probably won't end well if he didn't interrupt their remarks. As Jacob was about to answer the dark haired girl, Daniel cut him by saying,"Hey look it's Zach!" The girls' heads had turned to the direction of the boy that was mentioned. While one grimaced at the white haired boy walking towards them, the other was fangirling how awesome the boy is.

Daniel sighed for the fourth time that day and tried to mute the brown headed girl's voice, wondering if it was the right choice to bring up the boy that was now in front of them. Jacob rolled his eyes and greeted their fifth and final friend. "What's up Zach?" The boy, at hearing his name replied with a simple hum. Zach was the oldest of all of them and also the most quiet. He never really told them about his family or anything, which made him a mystery to all of them.

Daniel also greeted the boy with a pat on the back, which Zach reacted to and said, "Hm? Oh yeah, hi guys." He was rather distracted today and they didn't know why. So they just let it slide as the bell of the school rang, signaling school was about to start. They all said goodbye and walked to their home room classes, the first three staying together because they had the same home room.

As they entered the classroom, they noticed a girl standing in the front of the class with the teacher. They took their original seats and watched as the class slowly got filled with other teens. When everyone was there and seated, the teacher told the girl to introduce herself. She obeyed and said in a happy voice,"Hi, I'm Marissa." After she had said that the teacher told her to sit next to Erin, who was right in front of the other two.

She nodded her head and walked to the seat. When she finally sat down the teacher started to talk about equations and what not. Leslie tapped the new girl's shoulder and introduced herself. As did Daniel and finally Erin. They all became friends and patiently waited for the math to end.

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