Teenage Hearts *Remake*

Have you ever feel so heartbroken, betrayed, backstabbed, a loner. Every heart has it's story, every teenager has problems with old pasts and some has problems with their enemies known as your 'best friends', well that's my story I'm Emmi Parks and I have a story to tell you...


6. Why do You Even Bother Caring

Why Do You Even Bother Caring

Niall P.O.V.

She fell into my arms, she looks so weak and pale. I didn't know what to do, this usually never happens.

"Bitch wake up!", I threaten but she didn't, she looks different to be honest, her body is getting really skinny, like easily to break with, she looks so fragile. I gulped, I heard her stomach growl.

"Emmi?", I shook her once more again, but nothing happen.

"Oh god?", I carried her bridal style, and run down the hall, I was trying a sharp corner and bumped into someone, I looked up and saw Perrie, El and Dani. They looked and saw me carrying Emmi.

Perrie eyes went wide, "What did you do?!" She yelled, running up to her side and putting the back of her hand on her forehead.

"She looks pale Niall?! What did you do?!"

"Nothing?! All I did was...kinda of push her on the ground", then I felt a hard slap.


"You idiot! Come in we have to go to the hospital?! This school nurse can't handle this situation!", we run out, we went to my car, but Perrie drove. Dani and El were in shocked as they sat In the backseat, well actually Dani was in the passenger seat, me and El are in the back, I laid Emmi head on my chest, and her legs laid on El lap.

I looked at her pale face, then a tear came out rolled down her cheek, I stared at the tear Rollin down, I wiped my thumb over it and held her close to me.

Perrie stopped in front of the hospital, I quickly run out and charged inside.

"Can someone please help me?!", I yelled, everybody stopped what they're doing and turn, to me. A nurse came up to me.

"Sir what can I do for you?", can they not see a girl lifeless body in my arms?

"My...", I looked down at her, "Friend....needs help, she randomly fainted and not walking up, please help her!", Soon Perrie,El,and Dani quickly run in, Perrie looked at the nurse who not doing anything.

"Well god sakes! Help my best friend! She needs help!", El and Dani were a but shocked by Perrie outrage, the nurse did what she said and then multiple nurses came and carried Emmi out of my arms.

"Now sir you have to sign her in?", said a different nurse.

"I will do it.."Dani quietly said, and followed the nurse, we say in the lobby.

"Perrie...", I said, se looked up, her blue eyes were tearing, "you said best friend just now when you were shouting at the nurse?"

"Niall..she been my best friend since primary school, and you were hers also", Dani came back but still heard what Perrie said.

"Emmi is scared of us, she hates us, she wishes she never wish to meet us", I felt guilty, "and most importantly...you and Emmi are really close, not a brother sister like, but in a crush like way",I looked at her.

It was kinda of true, I've been crushing on Emmi ever since she came here and it grew tons and tons and of course since when we hit high school I decided to date Avery to take my mind off of her but now it's difficult, she hates me and she probably loves that football player what's his name, oh yeah..Chase.

And that makes me so mad!

"Emmi?", I heard a name being called we looked up and saw a doctor, we stood up.

"How is she?", Dani asked, I was shocked Dani never really talked about her that much well when she with Avery she will laugh at her, but now she cared for her, well of course her,Perrie,Dani and El, are like sisters and for us lads, we're just the closed best friends.

"Well she suffering from depression, and anorexia eating disorder", We widen our eyes, never knew she starved herself, why would she do that? She looks perfectly fine and skinny to me.

"How do you know?", Perrie asked.

"She told me, she just woke up right now? Do you want to see her?", she asked us, we nodded quickly without even thinking.

We followed her down the hall, but before she let us in she turn and said, "try to keep the the questions minimum? Her head really hurts to think for now", we nodded, we walked in.

I saw Emmi sitting against the window watching outside. She must of heard the door open cause she turn as her smile faded.

"Emmi these people wants to visit you?", she just sat there quiet.

"I will leave you guys soon then", soon she walked out, the awkward silence began to erupt.

Emmi P.O.V.

Why are they here? I remember I fell into Niall arm and usually I thought he will just leave me there stranded on the hallway floor,

I turn back to my window staring the cars passing by.

"Em's?", I heard Perrie voice.

"I told you, only my friends call me that, and you guys are not my friends and never will be, we will never be like best friends or brothers or sisters", I said sharply but little bit cracked while I hugged my knees.

"Come on guys..let's go...she doesn't want to be bothered, and Emmi", Niall said I looked up.

"We are trying to help you, but you keep pushing us out not even bother to give us a chance....think about it, we need you and in know you need us", He said and walked out. They followed him out leaving me quiet.

Is he right? Do I really need them?

SORRY IF THIS IS SHORT! And sorry for mistakes I have, and I know that I haven't been update so yeah!

~LiLi ^•^

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