Teenage Hearts *Remake*

Have you ever feel so heartbroken, betrayed, backstabbed, a loner. Every heart has it's story, every teenager has problems with old pasts and some has problems with their enemies known as your 'best friends', well that's my story I'm Emmi Parks and I have a story to tell you...


3. Are you Serious?

Emmi P.O.V.

(After school)

Finally! School out!!! I definitely don't want to go home cause of what you called of my sister who barely home and treats me like a slave, so I just decided to watch Chase play football, and Allison said she will join too.

As we walked to the football field where we saw Chase kicking the ball to the net he turn and saw us, he waved to us, I waved back, as we went to sat on the bleachers during the mean time...me and Allison are playing would you rather.

"Okay would you rather die from a great white shark or a Zombie.."

"Hmm am I alone and in a room where doors are locked..", I asked.

"Yes", she said chomping on her chips loudly.

"Then It will be a Shark cause I will just die from lacked of oxygen, anyways next question--", as I was distracted from a football coming down at us and I pushed back and Allison just covered herself, I looked back and see Niall and his friends laugh, oh yeah go ahead and laugh how immature you are. I rolled my eyes and went back to Allison who is in the same position.

"Allison it's alright you can uncover yourself", she took a peak.

"Oh..it's over anyways so do you have a crush...?", she lifted an eyebrow and smirk.

"What?! No! No! Well..yeah"

"Well..girl spill it!", she said as I laughed.

"Promise you won't tell..", she nodded

"I like...Chase.."I said as she dropped her jaw

"Holy! Shit!", she yelled as I shush her.

"Please don't tell him, we're good friends and I don't want to ruin it", I said as she nodded.

"Anyways let's talk about another subject", I said laying back and have my hands at the back of my head, as I looked at the sky.

Well what do you want to talk about?"

"I don't know...how horrible Mrs. Watson is.."I said as she begin to laugh.

"Yep she is horrible.."she chuckled and I chuckled along.

Perrie P.O.V.

As I took a water break I went to the little table and heard laughing. I looked up and see Emmi and Allison laughing I sighed.

I remembered me and Emmi were like that.


"Okay let's play football!", I said to Emmi as we were playing on the field with a soccer ball.

"Alright I'm going to make this Goal Perrie! And you can't catch--" as she was running she slipped and miss the ball when she was about to kick.

"Never mind.."she groaned and I laughed and run up to her and pulled her up.

"Well..we know that I suck at football"

"Ah no worried you will have Nialler there do you"

"Haha I guess ya.."

*flashback ended*

"Perrie? Are you done with the water?", El asked as I nodded.

"Hey Pezz why do you have that sad face", Danielle asked.

"Guys what have we become? We're like Barbie dolls"

"But popular.."El said and laughed with Danielle, I rolled my eyes.

"Girls! Look up on the bleachers!", I said as they looked and saw Emmi laughing with Allison.

"What about the loser?", Danielle said taking a sip from her cup.

"Remember she used to be our best friends back in primary school", as they just stared and just took a sip of their water.

"Guys! Emmi was my best friend and my sister and I was always there for her ever since her dad left and her mom busy at work"

"Perrie are you listening to yourself sounds like your turning into a softy towards Emmi", Eleanor said, I rolled my eyes and I threw away the cup.

"Whatever lets just go and practice", I said as we walked back to the girls.

Niall P.O.V.

As I was finally done with practice I went over to Avery and kissed her cheek.

"Hey baby!", she said and hugged me and kissed my lips as I pulled back. I felt a tap on my shoulders I turn it was Perrie.

"Niall, Talk now!", she said as I rolled my eyes.

"Give me a few mintues", as I walked and followed her, as went behind the bleachers and I saw Liam, the guys and the girls.

"Perrie what's this all about?", I asked.

"How long have we been friends?", she asked.

"Since Primary School", I said.

"And who was the new student who moved from America.."

"Emmi", Eleanor said.

"And who decided to be her best friend...."

"Perrie what's this all about?", I sad just getting to the point.

"It's about Emmi, have you realized we always been there for her since Primary School and she been going through bad times and we were always there for her, and now we let her down in freshmen year.."she said.

"What's the big deal of this loser--"Harry began and Perrie turned.

"Harry! That loser was my best friend, my sister! She was going through tough times and I helped her, I was there for her to cry on my shoulders...she even told me her deepest secrets that I never told anyone and I still kept that a promise", she said.

"What is it!", Louis said getting noisy.

"I'm not telling you", she said.

"Tell us!", we said all together.

"Guys! Do you know why she wears long sleeves in middle school", she said and we nodded.

"She cuts guys, she cuts when her dad left, she cuts when she felt like her mothers doesn't give a damn for her, and she cuts cause she is a slave for her sister, she cuts from bullying and I tried to stop her but she said she addicted and it's only way to calm her down", we became silent, Emmi cuts, I never knew that.

"Wow..I never knew that.."Liam said, as I scratch the back of my head.

"And I was always there for her, always there to cry on my shoulders to hope things get better, and now look at us.."She said as we looked at each other.

"Do we need this popularity?" She asked us, "I know I don't, it's your choice not mine", with the she walked away.

"I think I'm going to go back to Avery",I said as I walked back and saw Avery there in her phone, as I walked to her I felt a bump.

"I'm so---", a familiar voice said as I looked it was Emmi.

"Sorry..", she gulped and walked away, I sighed as I walked up to Avery.

"Hey babe what did Perrie wanted?"

"She just asked me what color is good in her for the prom.."I lied.

"Oh ok", she pulled me for a kiss and I kiss her back as I open my eye to see Emmi hugging Chase, some reason that makes me angry, but why am I angry? I'm suppose to hate her! Am I? I don't now i'm confuse.

Emmi's P.O.V.

I was walking to my car as I heard my name being called.

"Emmi!", I looked it was Perrie running to me. Oh great what does she want.

"Look Perrie if your going to make a bad comment about how I dress or how I weigh like dog need your cruel comments that coming from you mouth", I began

"No Em's I--", I interrupted her.

"And if this is a prank i'm not interested, I insist that you leave me alone cause I have nothing to do with you"

"Listen! Look I'm sorry for what I have down in the past and to make it up to you I'm having a sleepover with Danielle, and Eleanor tomorrow on Friday?", she said and smiled.

"Hmm.... How do I know it's not just a prank where I just forgive you then all of sudden you turn your back behind me and then I make a fool out of my self", I said.

"But Em's don't you trust me.."

"Now stop there, it's Emmi, EMMI.. My friends get to call me Em's and for you...you lost everything, our friendship, my trust and if you really want to be friends with me you have to find a way to to get my trust back"

"Fine, challenge accepted, I'm just painfully sorry what happen in freshmen year I'm truly am.."

*flashbacks* (okay there will be some few flashbacks in the beginning of the chapters but I promise I not do anymore it just about what happen in the past)

As I was walking to school my first day of high school I can wait to see the others again! Well I saw them during summer but I still miss them.

As I walked and saw Perrie,El, and Dani hanging around a blonde chick and laughing..hmm maybe this is a new girl, I walked up to them and said,

"Hey guys!", they looked at me and their smile faded and rolled their eyes, okay??

"You must be the new girl my name is--"

"Emmi Parks, yeah they told me about you and say your a complete loser", she said as they laughed I was confused, why are they laughing at me when she said I'm a loser, "by the way It's Avery Rollings"

"Beat it Parks!", El said as I was tearing up but I didn't.

"Wow to believe that I thought we're best friends but I guess we're just enemies", I said as I walked away, maybe I can go find Niall yeah he can help me.

As I saw Niall and the others, I walked up to him and tall his shoulder.

"Hey Niall, is there a reason why Danielle,Perrie and Eleanor are acting so bitchy--"

"You don't call them that Bitch!", Louis yelled, did he call me a bitch, usually Louis cracks a joke when I'm feeling down and he dating Eleanor cause they liked each other since and I thought they were a cute couple, but now he mean to me and calling me a bitch.

"Look why don't you just beat it and go back where came from, and go crawling to daddy oh wait you don't have a dad", Niall said as they all laugh, and that broke my heart.

"Fuck you then!", I yelled as Niall clench his fist and punched my nose as I fell back, and they all laugh. I got up as the whole school laughed, I ran inside crying.

*flashback over*

"Whatever just leave now, you probably don't want to be seen with me", I said as I walked away to my little car, I got in and drove back to my house.

As I parked in my driveway I walked inside and it was all nice and quiet, no annoying sister. Yes!

No slaving for a while maybe I can go and take a nap I need it anyways.

As I walked up to my room, I put on a t-shirt and threw my hair up in a bun. As I put on yoga pants, I jumped in my bed and stared at the ceiling I'm not that tried, but I'm so bored.

"Is there anything to do!", I yelled as my phone rang, I looked it said 'Pezz <3' totally forgot I have the guys and the girls phone numbers still, how the hell she still have mine?!


"Hey! Emmi it's Perrie wanna go the mall with me today!", she cheerfully asked, hmm there nothing better to do and Perrie seems want to hang out with me even though I hate her.

"Um sure why not? But that doesn't mean we go as best friends or friends we're just old friends that we hate got it!", I said.

"Yeah sure anything you want", she said as I got up and put on a green sweater and high waisted rip jeans

As I put on my converse and walked out of the house and I got in my car and drove to the mall.

As I parked my car and walked in the mall, as I walked to the food court and see a blond girl, yep that's Perrie. I walked up to her and she smiled.

"Hey! Emmi glad you came!", she said and hugged me I groaned.

"Oh sorry anyways let's start our day!!", she cheered and we walked to stores, please lord this is not a prank!


I hope you like it and sorry if any errors.

~Hallie <3

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