Elastic Hearts

In a closed off community with harsh rules of population, people are forced to participate In a game on their 17th birthday. For Alexandra this isn't a game especially when it's her brothers year to go and he's the only thing left for her and she might be chosen to enter as well


1. Reminders

My backpack strap draped over one of my shoulders. I didn't even care to fix it. I pushed my way through the crowded hall. I almost tripped over my own shoelace once. I exhaled when I got to my locker. I opened it and threw my backpack in.

"Alexandra Martinez." I smiled as I realized whose voice it was. I looked over my shoulder and rolled my eyes at the boy.

"Don't call me Alexandra. How many times do I have to tell you?"

"Until I actually stop saying it. Which is never." he grinned and gave me a hug, kissing my cheek."How've you been?"

"Same. I missed you."

"So did I."

"I hope you didn't change."

"I didn't. Same old, same old, Harry." He grinned at me. "You're same older brother."

"Did you have fun training?"

"It was alright."

"That's good I guess."

"Yeh. Well gotta get to class. I missed yah. Bye Bubba."

"Bye." He kissed my forehead and walked away with his head down. I missed him so much. He leaves every other month to do some training for the 'Berlynns Chase' it's his turn this year. In this community, you don't look forward to college or finishing high school or going to prom like I read about other communities. You are forced to look forward to Berlynns Chase and hopefully make it out alive. When you turn 16, your training begins for a year every other month you training is in a closed off part of the community. Next month is Harry's last month of training before he turns 17. And when he does he is immediately pulled out from school along with other 17 year olds. They are dragged to an island off the coast of our community, Berlynn. They are to fight until death. Only seven come out alive out of 325 others. The point of it is so the population of the community stays even and so we don't starve or lose much money. One of the reasons we are the richest and most advanced communities.

I shut my locker and walk to my class. My shoes squeak from the way I walk. I tuck my hair behind my ear and take a seat in the back. So the teacher doesn't call on me.

"Good morning, today is November 31, 3999. We are coming near a deadline in the upcoming year 4000. The year where not only the 325, 17 year olds will be competing in Berlynns Chase. But the day they will be leaving 10 others, years 14 through 19 , will be randomly picked and sent UNtrained into the Chase. This should not be a surprise. We have been doing this for nearly a thousand years, next year. And you all know that this happens every 50 years, due to rises in population. So this was just a reminder. I hope none of my star students will be chosen but I wish all of you the best." She turns around and begins to start the lesson with the monitor. My mind immediately begins to wander off. What if I was chosen? Along with my brother. That would be torture. I do not fear anything though. I was taught, fear is just a lie. And it is, so far.

Harry means the world to me. He's the only sibling I have left. I had 4 other siblings but they were taken to another community again due to rises in population. They weren't killed but they aren't with us anymore. My parents don't care about us so he's the only person I've got.

"Ms. Martinez please pay attention." I look up embarrassed as she turns back around. I sigh and try to kill time before this class ends.

I've learned this all before though. America ends up in a war with Canada in the year 2078 and America loses, blah blah blah. Nothing important. None of these "countries" exist anymore so why learn about them.

The more I try to pay attention, the less I actually do. All I can focus on is the noises around me.

People tapping their pencils on the table. The streak of sun coming in from the large window. The monitors buzz. Peoples whispers. The loud fires of guns shooting off in the distance. I cover my ears with my hands. My ears are so sensitive.

I shut my eyes fiercely but it only makes it louder. I begin to hear my own heart pound against my chest. I grab onto my desk making everything fall off of it. My mood changes from calm to anxiety. My breathing becomes heavy all of a sudden. I look around nervously. People begin stare. I jump up and run out knocking over my desk. I place my hand on my chest and push the door open. I run down the hall and throw myself onto the grass outside. Kneeling down I place my palms firmly against the grass and my eyes begin to water.


"Alex!" I hear footsteps getting closer but I don't look up. I feel a hand touch my shoulder. I wince and slowly look up. I close my eyes and then begin to cry. He picks me up and hugs me tightly

"Alex, what happened?" He pulls me away and looks at me.

"I don't know..." I wipe my eyes with my sleeve and look up at him. I break down again and hug him tighter. "Please please Harry listen to me, PAH-LEASE don't leave me, don't ever, EVER leave me. I will die if you do. Please!" He looks at me in shock because of how much I was raising my voice. He then smiles reassuringly.

"Never Bubba." He kisses my head and hugs me one more time.

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