Music in my Soul~Fairy Tail~

After ten years of dark guilds chasing her and bouncing from light guild to light guild she decides to stop her running and make home in the small town of Magnolia. Her power brought her attention of the Fairy Tail guild that lies in the center of Magnolia, her power was taught to her by the dragon Muse the dragon of music. The particular type of magic was created in ancient times to deal with dragons. The Music Dragon Slayer: Scarlet Misica queen of the land.


2. Working in the Bakery

~`~Scarlet's Point of View~`~

        Dear Muse, 
        I'm afraid that you've already forgotten me in the seven years we were apart. Have you? I may as well stop writing, I mean i told you where I lived all these years and yet you still don't come find me. Please just tell me if you get this and i'll continue to write but if not....I'm going to stop sorry...    
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Yours Truly, Scarlet 

        Sending the letter I yawn stretching my arms out in front of me, and look at the clock deciding its time to get ready for my first day of work. You see they gave me three days to settle into the city of Magnolia as a 'welcoming' present, but I still haven't seen any of Fairy Tails antics that I've been looking forward to see happen and stop. Even though I'm not joining a guild I can still use my powers right? Snapping out of my mind rant I walk to my closet and put on clothes for the day and smile, I'm going to attract a lot of male costumers to the bakery and walk out of my flat smiling. I Take a sip of the coffee I grabbed walking out of my house and walked to the bakery. 
        As I walked into the bakery that girl that had too much luggage was standing there looking at the cheese cakes. I stepped behind the counter and clocked into work and put on an apron turning to the red haired girl who I realize was Titania. The real Titania! Who would've thought that I would be serving her on my first day of work? I smile "May I help you miss?" I ask trying to be casual.
"Um....yes I would like fifty of those delicious cheese cakes with strawberries." she says smiling at me "You know what, lets make that eighty." 
"Eighty?" I ask "Isn't that too much?" 
        The boss walks in and smiles at her "Ah! Erza! Your back! Welcome, welcome! How many this time?" He asks her casually. So this is normal...
"I think i'll take eighty of them." Erza says smiling at him.
 "Okay Scarlet ring that up i'll be starting on those right now!" My boss said going to the back.
        I type the code of the cheese cakes with strawberries in and put times eighty "That'll be two hundred and fifty Jewel." I smile at her
"Okay no problem." she says pulling out the money and handing it to me "and by the way you look familiar. Could I have seen you somewhere?" 
"No but your friend Levi said the same thing when she came to say hello," I say trying to not be pulled into another guild. It's going to happen eventually though, not today though.
"I'll figure it out." She said "Have a good day!"
"Have a good day!" I smile waving before heading to the back to help.
~`~Levi's Point of View~`~
        I walk the city of the mission with Jet and Dory looking around before fining a magazine stand. I pick up sorcerer weekly, "Ooh! They did Blue Pegasus this time!" I say brightly before turning to the clerk and paying "Lets go to our hotel room." I say after paying and walk in front of them smiling. The closer we got to the hotel the heavier my legs got and the more I just wanted to get to the hotel and read this magazine, take a bath, and sleep. I yawn and walk to the door of the hotel pushing it open and walking into my room as Jet and Dory wave walking into theirs. Now lets read this magazine, i think laying onto my bed.
        Opening the cover there's a story on how one of the members had to leave for personal problems and they posted a picture of her, saying for the past seven years she's been a guild hopper. I looked at the picture carefully. Oh my gosh! That's the girl that I met the other day! Did she not want me to know? She's a dragon slayer like Natzu! Once he finds out that'll be one big fight...
~`~Erza's Point of View~`~
        I walk into the guild after visiting the bakery and looks around waving at everyone. I sit next to Lucy as she opens her copy of Sorcerer Weekly and look at it seeing a picture of the girl that worked at the bakery. "Lucy who is that?" I ask just to make sure.
"Oh! She's Scarlet Misica! The guild hopper!" Lucy says smiling "Why?"
"I think I just met her at a bakery whats her powers" Erza asks 
"Music dragon slayer magic!" Lucy says "She's a dragon slayer like Natzu!"
"WHAT ABOUT ME?" Natzu runs over asking.
(BAM! done and may I say better than the first chapter. Okay so tell me what you think!! xx-The author)

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