Music in my Soul~Fairy Tail~

After ten years of dark guilds chasing her and bouncing from light guild to light guild she decides to stop her running and make home in the small town of Magnolia. Her power brought her attention of the Fairy Tail guild that lies in the center of Magnolia, her power was taught to her by the dragon Muse the dragon of music. The particular type of magic was created in ancient times to deal with dragons. The Music Dragon Slayer: Scarlet Misica queen of the land.


6. Christmas Special Part Two

~-~Scarlet's Point of View~-~
My heart was pounding as I walked away from him with my arms crossed. My day was ruined by all these lights and people saying "Merry Christmas" to me over and over again. It kills my heart, and I grew weary glancing back at the kid with the pink hair he was frowning and he turned around starting to walk to his guild. I yawn walking back on my path to my house, the snow started to fall roughly nipping my face. I ignore it and walk into my door looking around seeing Bella fly to my side.
"I was so worried! You took longer than expected! Was the store around the corner sold out?" she asks putting my blanket around me with care trying to get me to have Christmas spirit, its not working though.
"Yeah, I had to walk further than expected and then a blizzard hit and I was walking in a snowstorm that threw me back." I say thinking "Oh! I also got knocked over by a cherry pink haired boy. He told me to have a Merry Christmas, and ugh I realized he was from Fairy Tail, probably the one who put all the lights up. Annoyed me highly." I pull the blanket around and put my arms through the sleeves that I made in it a while ago and I needed to make bigger.
"You poor thing!" Bella exclaimed "I'll make breakfast you lay down and rest it must've seemed longer than it actually was! Go lay down!" she ushered me into my room to lay down.
"Okay! Okay!" I say laying down closing my eyes and it doesn't take long to fall asleep.
        A noise awakes me, my eyes shoot open. I can't see around me and the ceiling falls, or so I thought in front of me was a cloaked figure in chains. It walked forward and grabbed my shoulder the hood almost falling off letting me see the hair atop of the persons head. "I......a-am...........the....ghost of....your Christmas spirit. Slowly...........I am.............f-f-f-fading away and......n-n-need yo-.............your h-help to light is..........fading............fading swiftly.............let m-me show you..................I will..........I willllll..............I will...................LIVE!" It says "L-let me............let me........let me...........," It drags on "Let you!" I squeal and shut my eyes.

        I open my eyes and look around the thing is looking out a little window waving for me to go look with it. Hesitantly, I give in and walk to the window looking out. I squint my eyes and vaguely remember this scenery as the guild my mom was once in Fairy Tail. It was decked out with lights and everyone in the guild was jolly with Christmas spirit. The thing taps my shoulder and beckons my to look out another window, this one is a different place.
        Outside this window is the inside of the guild where I am dancing with one of the men who spoiled me with gifts because I didn't have a dad, but they decided to make up for it. I went from person to person making sure I danced with everybody to give them cheer, that was my favorite time of year when I was little. I look around me and the thing is gone before I know it my eyes droop closed.
        My mind raced because this time I was the younger me, as we sat around the tree inside of the guild people handed me presents until there was a wall taller than my self now built in front of me. I look around as younger me grabs a present opening them up one by one. The smile on my mothers face was frozen on and I knew it wasn't fading anytime soon in this picture. the scene fades out.....
        Im looking down on my mother in the hospital trying to write me a note, but she only finishes one. I can only read one part:
P.S: I love you, celebrate for me.
        Is she talking about Christmas? Did she want me to stay in Fairy Tail? W-why was I never given that? I can feel the hot tears trickle down my face warming up my cheeks.
I open my eyes and see that i'm back in my bedroom but the figure is standing in front of the door. Hands reached up and pulled the hood off,but, it was underneath what made me jump back. My mother, my hand flew to my mouth. "M-mom" I say "Mo-mom why? Why'd you do this?!?"
        Her hand reached up and touched my cheek " you the.....true meaning........of Christmas..g-good-b-bye darling...." Her voice carried off.
"Scarlet!" I hear a voice call "Scarlet! Scarlet wake up breakfast is ready!" I open my eyes and see Bella floating by the door looking at me "Come on! I made us pancakes and Cheese cake." The idea popped into my head. I bought alot of pancake mix, could it be enough for me and Bella to make for Fairy Tail.
        "Bella its not going to be just us for Christmas." I smile "Lets make the rest of the mix and go to Fairy Tail. I miss my old family." I smile brightly remembering dancing with everyone on Christmas day..
 ~`~Third person Narration~`~
        ",and so they say her spirit was built back up and now someone else in the town has the major 'bu-humbugs' oh! You weren't talking about Scarlet? Oops. Well maybe another day you'll hear that persons story, but I don't know it."

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