Music in my Soul~Fairy Tail~

After ten years of dark guilds chasing her and bouncing from light guild to light guild she decides to stop her running and make home in the small town of Magnolia. Her power brought her attention of the Fairy Tail guild that lies in the center of Magnolia, her power was taught to her by the dragon Muse the dragon of music. The particular type of magic was created in ancient times to deal with dragons. The Music Dragon Slayer: Scarlet Misica queen of the land.


4. Bagels(Super short Chapter)

@!@Scarlet's Point of View@!@
        I rampage the kitchen looking for bagels to feed me and Bella. I sigh almost giving up looking for them when I see the edge of the wrapper sticking out from behind the bread. I smile taking two out and throwing them into the toaster before crossing the room to the door to the living room,"BEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" I yell dragging it on for a while just to make sure she woke up "WAKE UP ITS ALMOST ELEVEN IN THE MORNING!" I skip over to her and poke her shoulder over and over again until she opens her eyes to look at me.
        Her eye lids flop open and closed as she grabs my finger to stop it from poking her shoulder and sits up rubbing her eyes with her other arm. Stopping she looks up at me blinking a few times, "Is it morning already?" She asks looking around. I can tell why she asked that, its pitch black in the room because the curtains are shut and the lights are off. I sigh opening the windows nodding at her question stretching out to start getting ready for the day. I tie my hair up in a low pony tail getting into the hot bath I ran.
        After washing and dressing me and Bella were off to stores for the day. We walk looking in the stores and find a place where we could buy cloth to make her some clothes. We pick out blues, pinks, some lace, and some see-through silver and gold. Continuing our journey we stop at a bed store but they were all to big, so we move on to the next store and get a toddler bed with a thick blanket and pink sheets. We drop the stuff off at my house and continue our shopping spree.

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