Music in my Soul~Fairy Tail~

After ten years of dark guilds chasing her and bouncing from light guild to light guild she decides to stop her running and make home in the small town of Magnolia. Her power brought her attention of the Fairy Tail guild that lies in the center of Magnolia, her power was taught to her by the dragon Muse the dragon of music. The particular type of magic was created in ancient times to deal with dragons. The Music Dragon Slayer: Scarlet Misica queen of the land.


1. On My Own

~+~ Scarlet's Point of View+~+

      Dear Muse,
        Please tell me if your getting these, I miss you so much and I really want you to know that. Are you looking for me as much as I'm looking for you? If this is one sided I may as well just stop looking, because my hope is fading. If your looking I'll be in Magnolia from now on spending my days working at a book shop and a bakery.   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Hope you're okay,

        I look around the train taking in whats around me, I hate traveling and moving because even though they'll always be my friends I hate thinking that i'm leaving them! After ten years in five different guilds you'd think this was easy but in my opinion it gets harder every single time. This time was the hardest, Blue Pegasus was the guild, and I made the most friends there I fell in love for the first time in that city. The dark guilds found me again showing that it was time to leave, all they want from me is my power nothing else. I see something strange as I exit the train, a blue cat walking on two paws talking to a boy with pink hair! Magnolia so far has been weird considering I've seen a blue talking cat, a girl with red hair and a bunch of suit cases, a boy with no clothes on, and a guy with red hair started hitting on me. 
        My breath was taken away when  I saw the house that i got just in my price range of 50,000 jewels a month! The kitchen was spacious with a big chandelier, it connected to the furnished living room, that led to a balcony, on the other side of the kitchen lead to my bedroom that was just a little smaller than it. The walls in my room were beige and the flooring was wooden 
and the bed was queen size. I crossed my room to a door walking into a bathroom with a stone floor and a big bathtub and everything else I would need for a bathroom.  The closet don't even get me started talking about the closet it's huge!

I love the house it's just really a lot to take in. My last house cost twenty thousand jewel more and was half this size. Thinking about my last home I started unpacking, I spent one and a half years in the guild Blue Pegasus. I wish I could've stayed longer because...I loved it there. I was thinking of joining Fairy Tail while here but I figured it would attract the dark guilds less if I didn't join any guild and just took random unguided missions I stumbled across of. I finish unpacking and decide to take a walk around town. "Wow," I say aloud to myself "These cherry blossoms are breath taking." I say watching them fall around me. 
"They really are." A girl with blue hair says that ends up next to me "Oh! Yeah I meant to introduce myself because your new to town. I'm Levy a Mage of Fairy Tail! You can find me there if you need anything!" she holds a hand out for me to shake.

"I'm Scarlet" I smile shaking her and just hoping she doesn't't recognize me from sorcerer weekly and other things that my guilds were featured in.
"You look familiar but I can't tell from where I've seen you before." Levy said "But for now I have to say farewell I'm going on a job for the Fairy Tail guild, maybe when I get back I'll give you a tour!" She smiles brightly.
"I'll look forward to it." I say not really meaning it "Bye have fun" I wave and smile, trying to look genuine. I sigh, I should've just stayed in Blue Pegasus.

(Hello readers my first chapter isn't the best but I ask you to please comment and favorite! The chapters will get a little better! And the next one has Natzu, Grey, Erza, and Lucy! xx the author)

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