Through The dark

Hi! Mi name is Daniela and my life has been really rough. First of all Iwas a desperate attempt of my mother to save their marriage, but it didn’t work though coz when I was 2 years old they split up badly. They couldn’t stand each other and it was understandable since my mom was crazy and really mean to him and me and my sister. My father, my sister and I move to my grandpa’s house in another state. I never saw my mother again and growing up without her was really hard, but it was harder to understand that she never loved me or cared about me. My grandparents are great and loving people but they are really old fashion so they and my father argue a lot, he left the house leaving me and my sister in the care of my grandparents. I never knew exactly why he left, I asked but he always changed the subject, I still see him on the weekends though. Growing up with no parents really affected me but life goes on, so every day I woke up feeling like shit and put a smile on my face and pretended


2. New Beginnings

~~Daniela Hurry up, you are always late for everything, get up and get in to the shower- my grandma screamed
Okey maa don’t worry we have time- I replied
I got on the shower and quickly washed my body and hair and got dressed as fast as I could, I finish putting a few things in my suit cases and my handbag. Everyone helped me and put everything on the car I had a fast breakfast. When we got to the airport, we waited until my flight was announced.
Flight 187 London please go to gate 8- said the lady on the speaker
Everyone stood up and we said our goodbyes, everyone was crying and it was quite painful to watch them cry but I was about to start the best adventure in my life so far so I was still happy.
The flight to London was really long and I couldn’t sleep so I started thinking, I hated when that happened because I get back painful memories which I don’t want to recall. I said to myself that I had to put that behind me, that was my past and London will soon be my present and future. I had to change my ways open my heart and let people in, with all the things I been through I closed my heart to everyone and didn’t trust people.

I rest a little and woke up just in time to get off the plane, the airport was enormous I quickly went to the get my luggage I got distracted by how many people where there when I saw my red suitcase almost disappearing to the other side
-Oh my suitcase- I practically yelled, a tall guy quickly grab it and gave it to me
- Sorry I was distracted this place is way too crowded
- It’s okey- said the tall curly guy looking at my eyes
- Thank you so much- I reply looking at his beautiful green eyes for the first time
- Welcome, first time visiting here? Did you come in your own?- he asked
-. Yeah! It’s the very first time I’m here, but I’m here to stay I’m g...
- Shit my bags!- he says while walking awkwardly to the line just in time to catch his bags
-  My bus is about to leave me, sorry and thanks again- I yelled a little and walked fast as I only got one minute to be catch the university bus that was peaking up many students
I got there just in time and got in the bus the only seat left was next to a blonde guy
-Hi- he said
- Hi there- I replied
- Seems like you were in a hurry- He says
-Yeah I got a little problem with my luggage, I’m glad I was here on time I didn’t feel like waiting an hour for the next bus, I’m pretty tired- I said
- So another year back in the university-he sights as the bus starts moving
- First, actually- I say
-Oh- he says looking surprised- Er what are you studying?
- English literature, which is kind of stupid since I’m latin and I speak Spanish but I’m gonna study english. I’m a genius, aren’t I?- I said- Sorry you probably don’t wanna know about my boring life- I said suddenly shocked and awkward at the same time since I don’t normally talk that much specially to strangers.
-It’s okey you seem interesting-he said- Hola soy Niall Soy de Irlanda
- So Niall huh?- I ask realizing we haven’t introduce yet
- ¿Como te llamas?
- I’m Daniela
- Hey he were talking in Spanish- he complains
- Hahahah
-So Niall from Ireland what do you study?
- Music- he says
- Awesome, I love music but I’m not really good at it – So second year?
- Huh?
- At the university
- Third actually- he says while smiling
- We are here- the driver announces


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