Through The dark

Hi! Mi name is Daniela and my life has been really rough. First of all Iwas a desperate attempt of my mother to save their marriage, but it didn’t work though coz when I was 2 years old they split up badly. They couldn’t stand each other and it was understandable since my mom was crazy and really mean to him and me and my sister. My father, my sister and I move to my grandpa’s house in another state. I never saw my mother again and growing up without her was really hard, but it was harder to understand that she never loved me or cared about me. My grandparents are great and loving people but they are really old fashion so they and my father argue a lot, he left the house leaving me and my sister in the care of my grandparents. I never knew exactly why he left, I asked but he always changed the subject, I still see him on the weekends though. Growing up with no parents really affected me but life goes on, so every day I woke up feeling like shit and put a smile on my face and pretended


3. Harry

~~- Hey, since you are new, want me to show you around?- he asks
- Yeah that’ll be great, thanks
- Lets just go to the office and see who are our roommates, for me I hope is one of the lads- he said as walking towards the office
- Lads Huh?
- Yeah we are pretty close and we have a band together so it’s amazing, I wouldn’t like to live with a random stranger
- Geez thanks!
- Hahah don’t worry they were strangers to me the first year but everything turn out okey, I just meant that there are my best friends so I wouldn’t like to live with other people
We were at the office and the lady gave us all the information we needed. Niall said we’ll go to his room first and then to mine.
- So who is your roomie?- he asks
- Some Lola girl. I hope she is cool, you know she’s a total stranger
- She’ll be but I’ll keep an eye on you anyway, don’t worry- he winks at me as he opens the door to his room A-203 and gestured me to come in
- Thanks, but everyone is a total stranger, so I’ll just have to adapt- I say as walking in
A boy was already there he must be his roommate, I wonder if it is one of the ‘lads’
- Harry!- Niall says while hugging him
- Nialler, did you get yourself a girlfriend?- he replies and turn to face me
- Hel.. Hey it’s you!- he slowly says
- Hi, how are you?- I ask suddenly shy
- Looks like he is not a stranger to you! Dani!
- No leprechaun we just meet at the airport. Soo Danielle?- Harry asks
- Daniela actually, that’s a latin name- I say
- Latin you say?- Harry asks
- Yeah she’s amazing she knows spanish very well. But wait how do you guys meet each other?- Niall asks confused
- At the airport she kinda almost lost her baggage but Harry here saved her- Harry says bragging playfully
- Hahaha my hero!- I exclaimed dramatically, so why weren’t you at the bus?
- Weell it kind of left me- he says
- Harry I’m so sorry- I realize we never introduce ourselves
- No wories Dani, A friend gave me a ride here, it was actually better than the bus and faster.
- Who?- niall asks
- My boo bear
- Tommo! ,why didn’t he gave me a ride to?
- I kind of beg him to get out of his house and pick me up. Hey don’t forget we have rehearsal tommorow night at my place
- Mmm- I say unconfortable
- Sorry Dani, I got all excited. I’ll go with you to find you room
- That’s okey don’t worry, see ya Harry!- I said as I walked through the door with Niall behind me
- Bye!- Harry said

We walked to the other building and find my room B- 213 we opened the door and found a blonde girl sitting on one bed
-Hey- I said
- I’m Lola- she introduce herself
- Daniela
- I’m Niall- he said while shaking her hand
- So Dani I’ll better go, see you later- we exchange phone numbers and he left


Nialll’s Pov
Wow the year started pretty well. My roommate is Harry and I met Dani.
-Yeah she was really hot and fit- I overheard Harry saying as I walked through the door
- Hey Niall we were just talking about you and how you met that girl- Tommo said
Apparently all of the boys were here
- Too bad it’s mine  - Harry said
- Why?- I asked
- I saw her first- he replies
-  She's mine- Niall says firmly


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