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Teenage Autumn Landers is living a normal life… until she gets kidnaped by nice kidnappers than plan to keep her as their own? And what will she do when she meets a particular set of boys that want to know everything about her? Will she tell them that she's been kidnapped? Or will she let life flow on its own and wait for drama to kick in…?


1. Reality to Nightmare

Shanelle's story ©

'I should have bought you flowers

And held your hand

Should have gave you all my hours

While i had the chance

Took you to every party cuz

all you wanted to do was dance

Now my baby's dancing

But she's dancing with another man'

I was singing Bruno Mars, When I Was Your Man on my iPod. Then i heard the sound of glass dropping on the floor. I took off my headphones and stuffed my ipod and phone in my pocket and rushed to my closet. I grab the best thing i could find for hitting people in the head with. Which was my baton from cheerleading. What? It's my best thing of defense in my room. I slowly open my door. I look to see if there's anyone, but there isn't. I tiptoe down the hallway to the steps. I put one foot on each of the steps carefully so not to make any squeaky noises. On The second to last step when i put my foot on it, it slitly squeaked. I didn't wanna take any chances so i stopped for a second to think. AHA! I slid down the pole. Why didn't i think of that earlier? Whatever, i peaked in the living room but no one was there. I slowly walked toward the kitchen then i saw a persons shadow.I threw myself to the wall. I tightly gripped my baton. My heart was racing a mile per minute. What do i do? What do i do? What do i do? I heard some whispering.

'We need to hurry.Is that all?' A voice said.

That's when I noticed there where two of them.

'Umm.. Grab that, then lets go!' The other voice whispered back.

Then i heard footsteps coming my way. My eyes bulged open. I quickly went in the bathroom by the kitchen. I looked around and didnt know where to hide. I opened the cabinet below the sink. OH NOOO IT SQUEAKED!!!! I quickly squeezed in it and lucky i fit. I heard more whispering before footsteps coming toward the bathroom. DANG IT! STUPID CABINET! I stopped breathing when i heard the door open and someone step in. I closed my eyes. PLEASE NOT ME!!!!

Then that's when the cabinet door opened. My eyes were glued opened when i saw a man that looked 4 feet bigger than me. LITERALLY. He grabbed my arm and yanked me out. Then he let me go. I held my baton up in defense. A look of amusement crossed his face.

'Hey Sam! We have someone i want you to meet!' he said referring to me. I gripped my baton so tight that my knuckles turned white. Then 'Sam' walked in.

"What is it Tom?"

My eyes must have popped outta my head. He made the dude i was standing close to look like a 3 year old girl. His mussels were HUGE! They looked like boulders. He had black hair and was about the same height as as the other dude. He would be considered attractive but he's a robber so i would never like him.

'Please don't hurt me!' I yelled as 'Sam' stepped closer.

'Shutup!' His voice was deep.

My only option was to beg cuz my baton seemed like a daffodil to them. I didn't care what he said either, i didn't want him or his friend laying a finger on me.

'Please I will do anything! Take all my allowance, jewelry, food! Just don't hurt me!!' I yelled.

Sam quickly started to walk towards me. I walked backwards until i ran into the wall. Drips of tears started pouring down my face. I cried even louder when he wasn't even an inch from me. He swiftly put his hand over my mouth and his other hand plugged my nose. I struggled to get out of his grip but he didnt move a mussel. I started to feel dizzy. I slowly drifted down to the floor landing on my butt. The room became blurry and black, my tears in my eyes and the suffocating hand on my nose and mouth.

Then i saw my mom and dad. ''MOM! DAD!'' I yell. But they say frozen still. I try to run to them but my feet are glued to the floor.'HELP!' I yell but they just stand there. My eyes overflowing with tears as i fall to the floor and sob. 'WHAT IS GOING ON!!' I scream. I close my eyes and i am consumed with black.

I open my eyes then shut them again because of the bright light. I blink a couple times to adjust to the light. A couple seconds later i see everything but its blurry. I touch my eyes and they are wet with tears. I gently wipe them away. Them i pop back into reality. MOM! DAD! I sit up and look around to see i am in a room. Im lying on a bed. The room is clean with all white walls. Theres a couch.There is a table next to the bed im in and in front of it. There is also a tv sitting on a dresser. But Did I really see my mom and dad? But I dismiss that thought and just say i didn't because there's much bigger things i need to worry about, like where am I! I get up and go to the table in front of the bed. There's a plate with aluminum over it on the table with a note. The note says:

Dear Autumn,

Food. You either eat it or die.

Sincerely, Sam,Tom&Lauren

They have got to be the worst kidnappers EVER. I'm here for 5minutes and I already know all of their names. But how the heck do they know my name?

I toss the note on the floor and look for a door. I quickly find it and try to open it. It's locked. Great. ... I need a key. I run to the dresser the tv is on and search through it. But to my fortune there's only Disney movies, and a remote in it. I look through all the other drawers but i only found a paper clip, a bucket, and a phone book. Hooray. I walk over to the couch and plop down on it. I decided to watch some tv. I grabbed the remote and pressed the power button. A reality show popped up and it sounded like they had British accents. Wait, am i still in New York? I flip through other channels and notice everyone has that accent. Oh poop. I get up and grab the phone book i found. I never noticed the cover. It had the London Eye on it. If i am where I think i am I'm gonna freak.

I walk over to the table again and take the aluminum off the plate. There Is a Banana, a sand which, a juice box, and a zebra cake.

What am I, 4? Then I sure do like being 4. I get Zebra cakes!

I grab the banana and peel it open. I inspect all around the banana, I sniff it, I touch it, and I listen to it. It seemed like a regular banana so I decided, since I was hungry, to eat a bite. I chewed slowly. Then I realized it was a regular banana so I began to eat it with less caution. My brain is saying, "WHY ARE YOU EATING AT A TIME LIKE THIS?! YOUR KIDNAPPED!" But my stomach is like, "BUT I HUNGRY! EAT, EAT! I NEED MORE FOOD!" So my heart is just like, "I already tried to get out of here so you can shut up brain, and I have to feed the stomach so it can have energy to beat the bad guys up if they come in here." An deep, deep inside, I'm saying" I'll just sit here and hallucinate while my organs fight over what to do".


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