I remember that day we met. Niall had told me later that day, "You'll be my princess and I'll be your prince." But those memories had been gone. He was gone. Perhaps I'll never meet him again. Most likely. But Niall had promised me. That he'll always be with me.


1. 1

Kylie's P.O.V.

"Kylie, this is Niall. He's new to the neighborhood, so please be nice to him."

I stared at that boy. Niall, the name was.

I held out my hand and said, "Hi, my name's Kylie. And I'm six."

The boy laughed and shook my hand.

"I'm Niall. And I'm six, too!"

Suddenly, he took out two lollipops and said, "Do you want a lollipop? I have two and I like sharing things."

I smiled and took the lollipop.

"Thanks! I love lollipops!"

We ran around the playground, laughing.

Soon, I heard Mommy shout, "Kids! It's time for lunch!"

We ran to the picnic table and sat down.

Mommy took out peanut butter jelly sandwiches.

"Do you like peanut butter jelly sandwiches, Niall? Kylie sure does!"

Niall nodded.

"I love them! Let's eat! I'm hungry!!!"

I laughed as I picked up a sandwich. Mommy smiled as she saw us eat. We were done eating in ten minutes. We are fast eaters.

Mommy said, "You two can go up to the lake and the hill. But not into the forest."

We nodded.

Niall said, "Let's go to the lake. It should be interesting."

I nodded. We held hands as we ran to the lake. No one was there. Niall jumped into the shallow side of the lake.

His clothes got soaked, but he smiled brightly.

"Come in, Kylie! It's fun! And it's cool! It's a great way to stay cool in a hot summer day."

I shook my head.

"No thanks, water isn't really my favorite thing."

To be honest, I was afraid of water. I had fallen in a 5ft pool when I was three and almost died. It was all a nightmare for me.

Niall said, motioning me to come in.

"Come on. It's really shallow."

I shook my head.

Niall came out of the lake and grabbed my hand.

"We'll go in together."

I shook my head.

"I can't Niall... It's too scary for me."

But that firm look on his face made me say, "Fine. But not so far in."

He nodded. He held my hand as we walked into the lake. The water was cold. It felt good.

Niall said, "You'll be my princess and I'll be your prince, okay?"

I nodded. He hugged me.

"I love you, Kylie."

I said, "I love you, too, Niall. You're really nice."

And I was telling the truth. I loved Niall.

We stayed in the water until sunset. Mommy told us that we had to go.

Niall suddenly kissed me on the cheek. I stared at him and laughed.

I said, "I'll see you tomorrow, Niall! Love you!"

And I went home with Mommy with my wet clothes. Niall went home with his older brother, who had came to pick him up.


Hey guys, this is Lauren... This is my first movella so please no hate! I'm new here, so I don't know if I'm writing the way people like.

I hope you liked the first chapter!!


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