One DIrection Imagines

My first imagines, but comment your name, the boy/ boys, story line and if it should be sweet, romantic, or dirty (Warning 15+) read at your own risk


6. Pref #2- Goodnight text

Harry- Goodnight baby, miss you and wish you with me.  Your beautiful. And I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Niall-  Baby I miss your cooking, they don't feed me. Help!!!!  But goodnight, I love you, miss u and wish you were here!!! <3

Liam-Baby, I hope you are alright, I miss you and hope you do to,  I love u and hope you are having fun!!!

Louis- Miss you, goodnight, love ya, miss u again!!!!<3

Zayn-  Help I need you in bed with me- Love ya Zayn

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