One DIrection Imagines

My first imagines, but comment your name, the boy/ boys, story line and if it should be sweet, romantic, or dirty (Warning 15+) read at your own risk


3. Emily and Zayn-Who Knew?

Zayn was the star football player and Emily was the hottest cheerleader.  After one night Zayn started dropping passes and Emily couldn't find the right words.

~Flash Back~

Emily had just strutted her way over to Zayn, she was obviously drunk.  When she found Zayn, they started talking until, they were grinding on the dance floor.  Next thing they know They were up in a bedroom kissing.  Zayn had his hand on her side, moving up and down.  Emily had a tight grip on Zayn's hair.  Soon he started kissing neck, when he found her sweet spot she moaned into his ear, he growled.  His hand were working on taking off her little black dress.  When her dress was ripped off, she was left in matching black lace.  Zayn had his shirt off, and almost his pants. His hand work on taking her bra off and she continued to work on his pants.  Her bra was off,his pants were off. 

He slid down he body kissing her every were possible, he use his hands to knead her left breast and he used his teeth to pull off her panties.  She giggled at the  feeling of his hair rubing the inside of her legs.  He started by licking her clit, teasing.  Emily pushed his head.  He inserted his tongue and them added fingers.  She moan at each little thing he did.

Finally Zayn's turn had came up.  Emily had her mouth completely around his Mega Malik.  bobbing up and down.  he groan at how well she worked.

Then Zayn pulled her up and thrusted into her, she screamed in pain, but then moaned at the feeling of pleasure.  Minutes later she was climaxing, but before she did Zayn slipped out and went down to her pussy and catch all her liquid. 

They stayed together for the rest of the night.


About two weeks later Emily started throwing up, and find out she pregnant.  She told Zayn and he totally understood and stayed with her. 


To this day they have been together, and are now married and expecting a second child.


*A/N Hope you like Emily

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