The bully. *Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fiction*

Brooklynn has got bullied ever since she started school. It's 3 years later and she still gets bullied. She gets called names laughed at and pushed around every single day. But the one person that makes her life a living hell is Louis Tomlinson. He pushes her into lockers calls her names spreads rumors about her. But what happens when Brooklynn is forced to tutor Louis for the exams that are coming up. Will the start to get along and fall for eachotheer or will Louis still make Brooklynn's life a living hell?


4. Louis' place

Louis' P.O.V


"Hey Lou why were you talking to Brooky?"Harry asked. "Oh um I was just telling her to meet me at my car after school, we're going back to my place."I told them. "Oh my god are trying to get into her pants Lou..!"Harry smirked. "Oh god no! I would never try to get into that sluts pants!"As soon as I finished the sentence Brooklynn was standing right beside me. She just looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"Why is she crying she always gets called a slut! Should she be used to getting called a . slut!."Harry asked me confused "To be honest mate I really don't know and I really don't care. So yeah listen I have to go meet Brooky at my car I'll see you tomorrow.

And with that I left to go meet Brooklynn at my car.


Brooklynns P.O.V


After class I quickly went to my locker to get my books and go to Louis' car. "Hey Brook!Are you ready?"I heard my friend Jade ask me. "I can't go home."I told her sadly. "Why not?"Jade asked? 

"I'm going back to um Louis' house."I said quietly hoping she wouldn't hear. "WHAT!"Jade shouted. "Jade calm down!I'm only going to tutor him for the exams."I told her."Oh. Alright I better get going, Niall is probally  waiting for me anyway. I'll see you tomorrow."She said.She gave me a quick hug and went.When she left I headed of to Louis' car.

When I went to Louis' car he wasn't there so I just went and waited there. After about ten minutes I seen Louis' coming.

"You're 10 minutes late Louis'."I told him. "Yeah I know I was with Eleanor."He replied. "Yep of course you were."We got into the car and headed back to Louis' house.

After about ten minutes of awkward quietness we were at Louis' house."LOTTIE FIZZY PHOEBE DAISY I'M HOME!"Louis shouted. "LOU!"I heard Lottie and the other girls shouted. They all came running up to Louis' but stopped when they seen me. "Brooklynn?"Lottie asked. She looked really suprised. Before I could say anyhting she tackled me into a hug, the same with Fizzy, Phoebe and Daisy."We've missed you so much! Why haven't you been around?"Fizzy asked. I looked over  at Louis. He shook his head as to say no don't tell them. "Um I've been really busy the last couple of years. But you will be seeing more of me the next couple of weeks."I told them and smiled. 

Me and Louis went upstairs to his room. "Sorry about the mess." Louis said.I just smirked"Why are you smirking?"Louis asked. "Oh sorry.The last time I was in your room it was like this."I told him. "Oh yeah I remember that."He replied.

For the next three hours me and Louis studied non-stop.I went over to the other side of Louis' room to get my bag and go home.Louis stopped me of walking out."Hey where do you think your going Brooky?"Louis said."Im going home Lou."I said getting annoyed.His smile grew even bigger. "Did the person that hates me the most call the person that was her bestfriend but now makes your life a living hell, Lou?"He said and he looked shocked too.Before I could even say anything Louis bent down and kissed me. Oh shit.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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