The bully. *Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fiction*

Brooklynn has got bullied ever since she started school. It's 3 years later and she still gets bullied. She gets called names laughed at and pushed around every single day. But the one person that makes her life a living hell is Louis Tomlinson. He pushes her into lockers calls her names spreads rumors about her. But what happens when Brooklynn is forced to tutor Louis for the exams that are coming up. Will the start to get along and fall for eachotheer or will Louis still make Brooklynn's life a living hell?


1. Hi Brooky.


Brooklyn's P.O.V


"Brook get up! You're going to be late for school!"Jake shouted while shaking me. Jake's my 15 year old brother. He comes in everyday waking me up at the same time. I love Jake but sometimes he does my head in!


"Jake go away"I moaned and turned back over. "Fine if you don't get up I will go down and get a bucket of water and throw it   on you!"He threatend me. "Fine! I'm up happy?"I  spat. He smirked and walked away. I got up and had a really quick shower. After about 10 minutes I got and took out a pair of high waist shorts with a white crop and  got dressed and really quickly done my make up and went out he door and met up with my bestfriend Jade and she was my only friend anyway."Ready for another day in the hell hole known as school?"I asked. She just rolled her eyes and started walking to school.


When we got to school we both went to our lockers.I grabbed my History books and put my bag in."Hi Brooky"A voice said and I know exactly who's voice that is. Louis Tomlinson. "What do you want Louis?"I spat. "What's wrong Brooky am I not aloud to say hi to my friend.?"Louis said putting his around my shoulder. "Louis you are never going to be my friend ok? So stop being such as ass.!" I told him


He looked at his friends and back at me. He smirked. "Get her boys"He told his friends.Two of his friend walked over to me and the both grabbed me by the arm and as usual they shoved my into the locker. Louis was just standing there laughing. "You're such an ass Louis you know that.!"I shouted at him. I got out of the locker and looked him in the eye. "Why can't you give me a god damn break Louis. This is all you've been doing since I came to school! I'm bloody sick and tired of all this shit Louis!Where the hell is the Louis I knew before you became such a bully?Huh?"I told him.A tear escaped my eye.I got my books closed my locker. "Goodbye Louis."I said and walked of.


Why the hell do I have to be the most hated person in the school?

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