The bully. *Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fiction*

Brooklynn has got bullied ever since she started school. It's 3 years later and she still gets bullied. She gets called names laughed at and pushed around every single day. But the one person that makes her life a living hell is Louis Tomlinson. He pushes her into lockers calls her names spreads rumors about her. But what happens when Brooklynn is forced to tutor Louis for the exams that are coming up. Will the start to get along and fall for eachotheer or will Louis still make Brooklynn's life a living hell?


2. Are you serious?

Louis P.O.V


"What happened to the Louis I knew?Huh?"Brooklynn said.She turned around to get her books and closed her locker. "Goodbye Louis."She said before she walked of."What was that all about Lou? Were you two like bestfriend or something?"Harry asked. "Why do you care Haz?"I asked him "Jeez someone got out of the wrong side of bed today..!"He chuckled. "Just shut up Haz we have to go to class."I told him and we went of to go to class.


When we got to class I saw Brooklyn sitting at the very front of the class. I had to sit beside her in this class because we were picked to work together. "Listen Brooky-"I was cut of by her saying "Louis stop calling me Brooky OK!? Why don't you go over and sit beside your dumb ass friends and make fun of me from over there because I'm really not in the mood for your shit Louis.!"She said and looked back down at her book." Brooklynn please"I begged her. "Louis,just shut it ok"She told me.And I swear I seen a tear fall from her face


After a couple of minutes later Ms.Hemsworth walked into the class."Good morning class today we are going to be learning about World War so turn to page 234 in your history book please"Ms. Hemsworth said

Ms.Hemsworth called me out of the class to speak to me and to be honest I didn't do anything! "Mr.Tomlinson your grades have been going down a lot more then I had expected.. I'm going to ask Brooklynn to tutor you until exams are finished so you go back in and get Brooklynn and tell her I need to speak to her."She said. I went back in and got Brooklynn


Brooklynns P.O.V


Louis came in and walked over to me and said"Ms.Hemsworth wants to talk to you Brooklynn"He said.So I got up and went to to talk to Ms.Hemsworth. "Ah Ms Tomwell as I'm awear you know Louis Tomlinson yes?"She asked.I nodded "Good because you are going to be tutoring him until exams are finished"She said and walked back in to the class room. My mouth dropped.

Are you serious.



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