Strong Believe

"What Are you doing,Zayn?"She Nervously looked at him when he was trying to open her bra "You're mine tonight Love!Don't worry I won't hurt you babe."he said and winked at her.


9. Ch.8 ~♥~

                                       -Oh yes babe!Why did you think that I won't let you do that?

                                       Zayn said then came and hugged her and tied his hand,on the back of Ghazal and kept stroking her hair with his other hand.

                                         He whispered in her ear -"Come with me.we can talk in the terrace." Took her hand and said to all

                                       -"Guys!we're going to terrace,we should talk."  Smiled at Ghazal and she smiled back.

                                       -Ok,have fun and be careful about paparazzi! Harry told and laughed.

                                          They sat on the chairs in the terrace and Ghazal told   

                                       -Hey I don't wanna be stranger to you If paparazzi will see me they think I'm your girlfriend,because of my horrible work on your concert.

                                       -No,Don't be sad babe!you didn't do anything just showed me that how much you love me!Let them think that. And winked at her.

                                         She told all the things about what did she do for him,all things!about fights,hurts and etc.and all this times her hands was in Zayn's last,when her eyes was full of tears she said:

                                       -Now I'm happy that I told them to you,you know me,I touched you and hugged you.WOW!It's unbelievable to me.

                                    she stopped because of a hatred in her throat then looked at Zayn's Irresistible eyes and told 

                                   -I love you Zayn but..but I can't force you to love me back. Started to crying and continued                                    -There's many beautiful girls around you and I can't be!

                                         He wiped her tears from her cheek and told

                              -No No babe!your so beautiful ,and your love is the realest and purest love that I see ever.I'm glad that I have someone that love me like this,that's why I'm thinking about you from concert till you came here and why I'm in love with you Ghazal!

                               He whispered this words in her ear then put his finger under her chain  kissed her lips softly and she kissed back.

                                         There upon she wondering looked at Zayn and slurred said

                               -I..I..I c-can't b..believe!pff Is that really me?Oh god!

                                    please don't wake me up from that dream.What?Zayn Malik,the sexiest boy ever,pop star and One Direction's member told me he's in love with me? At this time she touched his face and continued

                                     -Zayn,I love you but I'm still saying  If you

                                    really don't  love me I won't force... 

                                      Zayn stopped her with putting his finger on her lips

                                    -Shh...Ghazal I really love you. then kissed her cheek

                                    -Ghazal,will you be mine? Zayn said in continue!

                                     She was so excited but suddenly her smile disappeared from her face!she remembered that she lives in Iran,Zayn was her dream but she couldn't be his girlfriend from this long-distance,Iran wasn't near London!

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