Strong Believe

"What Are you doing,Zayn?"She Nervously looked at him when he was trying to open her bra "You're mine tonight Love!Don't worry I won't hurt you babe."he said and winked at her.


4. Ch.3 ~♥~

Next morning she woke up with thinking about her sweet dream of last night.Then she stood and wore a a blue loose shirt with short jeans and blue DC shoes and tied her hair from back then she came to the living- room. -Good morning all!she said. Ava told-Hey...Good morning!How are you?Hmm... -Fine!but...I think you're not in good mood.What's the matter? -nothing!Just a read a bad news from Internet! -Bad new?!?What? -So...One Direction's concert is today and we didn't get tickets! -WHAT?!?!you said It's next week!UH I'll kill you! -Sorry but I thaught It'll be next monday! -Erm...So..Sorry but It'll be 3 weeks later! -OH NO!what the hell! I'll kill you ava,I'll kill... -Hey girls!calm down,I don't think it need to fight,that's not very important to see them!you can see them on your cellphone,laptop... Ghazal stoped her father with her shout-NO I WANNA SEE HIM! Her mom told her to be relax and said to all-Hurry up we should have breakfast!then we can think about this problem. They accepted her and went to the hotel's restaurant. They started to eat breakfast suddenly ghazal stood,screamed and shouted -YAY!I found it!I found how I can see One Direction!!
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