Bisexual and unfriendly

Alice Cooper is an ordinary girl who does not care much for his studies and is not the typical popular at his school, one day for family reasons, the teacher of Music decided to take a few days to be with his mother, who is in the hospital, giving way to his replacement, Ronald, a tall, blond, blue eyes and a look... Strange. Maybe, just maybe, Alice ends up falling for him.



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1. Doubts and Confessions

My name is Alice Cooper, I'm English, I love Japanese culture, writing, drawing... I have a big dream, that is travel to Venice. I've always loved that city and, frankly, I do not know why. My personality ... Well, I'm the type of person who smiles even if is not happy, that laugh even she wants to cry... Very shy, I can not look someone at the eyes when I speak, not because lie, but because it gives me a lot of embarrassment.

Right now I am in the classroom, waiting for the teacher ...

-Guys! Please pay attention for a moment! - Try to put calm Mr. Michaels or "Mr. glasses" as well we call him. - I want you to meet someone - start him - this is Roy he is going to be my replacement as of today, he will explain how to do everything while I'm gone . - The music teacher had to stay in hospital, because of his mother.

The man begins to speak , and I do not pay any attention

Classes will be from today sucks.

Soon after, the bell rings indicating the time to go outside, the liberty and go for eat, then endure two hours.

-Alice! Alice! - Runs to me a blonde girl, tall and very, very pretty: Jennifer, my best friend . - What do you think of the new music teacher? - She says, smiling .

- Looks like a great unfriendly man - I sigh. To which all the girls - many that were not next to me, stared at me .

-But he's handsome! - They shouted almost in unison.

More for you ...

Oh come on!, another hour with the " Adonis " that... What a shitty day , and I love Tuesdays...

He has a strange way of looking ... How to say... It's like if he eats you with his eyes, and it's no joke. A great smile... But what strikes me is the way to bite his lip: he leans back in his chair and waits for us to shut up, while, as if to himself laughs, biting his lower lip .

He has about 29 or 30 years. He doesn't wear a ring therefore - maybe - he is not married . He wears glasses and it seems that it will not be removed at any time. He is tall, about 1.80 cm or so... He has a short blond hair. The way he moves... He walks from one place to another and, in a way ... A extrange way. Could it be... ? No, it can not or... Maybe yes ? Could he be gay? And...

He is hopeless.

- Miss Alice... Could you stay a while to sort the class? - Asks he, before I can get out - or run- of the class.

No, of course not.

- Yes, I will, teacher - . And there I am again... Saying things I don't think.

I start to clean the tables and set up chairs as he tries to guess how a damn computer is used (stating that could not even turn on the projector to show a video.) He looks... Right. Maybe my friends are right, he's handsome .

Very handsome.

What? No! I mean... He's not that handsome. He is normal, like everyone else. Besides, I already have "my " Prince Charming. Well... Technically it's not mine... I do not have a boyfriend.

- Hey, if you keep wiping that table you're going to wear, you know? - he laughs, taking my hand to stop cleaning .

 His hands are soft, very very soft. But what am I saying? I'm not interested. He is an old man.

He is looking at me with those eyes so... Pretty . Fuck! It's as if bewitched me!

- Professor... - Achievement whisper . - I'd better go. - Isay picking up my stuff.

- Wait. - He smiles. - Can I ...? Can I ask you something?

Did not I just say that I HAVE to go?

- Sure, whatever you want.

- Why do you let them treat you like that? - He says, referring to something that happened this morning.

Because I am weak, because I can not defend myself, even with words.

- What do you mean?

- You know what I mean. I saw you, I saw how they treat you. You fell and al they did was point out, laugh and throw your books away.

- I know well what happened.

- So? - I noted with blue eyes, and I can't keep a tear fall down my cheek, which he carefully cleaned . - Do not cry... - Whisper .

- No incumbent what happens to me, please let me go. - I try to keep my composure and not hug him an break to mourn .

- No. - His voice is determined, a small color red invades my cheeks - I can't - I felt his eyes nailed on mine and I could not help avoid starting to stutter.

- I... I do not...

He was closer to my lips until they touch, shortly after, he caressed my cheek... The touch of his skin against mine... It was different , unlike any person I had met before.

Kiss .

- Sorry , I should not... - He says , before pulling away from me.

- No, you should not. - I pretend to be upset and walked toward the door, when something stops me.

- I go with you


- No... It is not necessary - And he insists.

- It's my fault that you're here at this time - He begin to collect his things and when he finosh he approaches me - Please .

- Okay... Thank you.

When we left the school I hear little alarm sound of his car, a Jaguar C- X75. God! He has too much money...

- Come on - He approaches the door and opens it, inviting me to enter so I doubt for a brief moment - Oh, come on up , either I'm not going to kidnap - And that comment made ​​me wonder even more, but I went .

On the way we don't speak, did not even have a conversation .

- We have arrived - A large smile appeared on his face and I look at him - something wrong?

- No, it 's just ... - I slowly approach his ​​lips.

No, I should not.

I correct my course and kiss his cheek - Thanks.

He is stumped - A-ah... Yes... I mean... You're welcome... - Says nervously and I noticed how caressing his lower lip, making note he wanted that kiss.

- Goodbye - I say out of the car

Do not let me go

- Goodbye - he whispers

Weeks after I enter to my house, luckily, there is no one. My mother works designing clothes and my father... Well, my father is a waiter. I go up to my room , finding myself with this as it was hours before: messy .

I hear the sound of my cell: A Whatsapp .

Liz: Hi! :) How are you?

Me: Fine, are you?

Liz: Great! Hey... Can I ask you a question? But only if you do not get mad!

Me: I told you I do not like anyone


Liz : How did you know it?

Me: You've been trying all week to know who I like. Like I said, if I like someone I don't want to tell you.

Liz : Cooooomeeeee oooonnnnn telll meeeeee. I know you like someone. I'm not going to tell anyone, I promise .

Me: No.

Liz : I would not tell anyone I promise

Me: Okay, fine . But do not tell anyone okay?

Liz : Okay

Me: The music teacher.

Liz :Wow!

I'm already regretting .

Liz : Well, I gotta go bye!

Me: Bye!

I thought so.

Now I have to go back to school, my parents have come up with the great idea to tell me to stay at home for lunch today ... As I get to the Institute, I find Roy looking after the school.

- Good Afternoon. - I'm trying to note that I'm here

- Good Afternoon - smiles and returns to his serious face .

If you're wondering : music lessons are in English, although we have the book in Spanish .

-Roy! - A girl calls him, a few years younger than me . - I've found you on Facebook. Do you have a photo that has a playing saxophone ?

- Do you really believe that he is gonna say it?

-I don't want to add him! I'm just saying ... - We laugh and rings the bell , indicating that everyone should return to school, he included. And, like every Tuesday, he walks briskly to his class followed by me. As I arrive I find Liz.

- And who do you like? - Ask Mindy, a girl with whom I usually do not speak (actually, I do not talk to almost anyone)

- No, i don't like someone

- She likes Roy - Answer Liz

- Roy? The teacher?


Come on...

-No, i don't like him!

- Guys, what 's this? Is this the education do you have? I try to talk to a teacher and I hear you from my class. - Says Roy

Did he listened? He had heard everything I 've tried to deny minutes before ?

Upon entering, my "friend" Alex turns around in his chair to talk to Liz , while everyone else talk and the teacher wait for us to shut up .

- Hey, Alice - says, it seems that everyone will be talking - Do you like Roy? - And, as if by magic, all are silent .

I watch as the person he referred , which is sitting in front of me. I know looks at me, as if expecting an answer. I start laughing nervously - Why are you asking it? - I'm still laughing.

The teacher sent me to shut up, i don't do it so the teacher gets me out of the class.

What a day.

I run out the class, trying to get away from everything and everyone. Stand an hour and then back to my house, and, as usual, no one .

I connect to Facebook and looking curious to Roy .

There are millions!

Maybe if I search in one of his papers...

Here it is! Ronald Stevenson. Start looking for him, I guess he'll have that picture said that girl playing the saxophone. And I've already found.

Name: Ronald Stevenson
City: London
Gender: Male
Interests: Men and women

Well, his profile is private, too bad!

Men and women



The first chapter, I hope you have liked and if you are wondering if this is a copy or something: no, no way . This story is based on real events.

In my story, actually.


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