niall's sister

Marlaina (Marlee) is not your everyday average girl. She tries her best to be like the rest of the kids. Thats hard to do for Marlee because her brother is Niall Horan from One Direction. What happens when Niall asks Marlee to go on tour with them? What if that question changes their lives? This story includes an unbreakable bond between a older brother and a little sister.


26. Chapter 22:^|

I started to get worried... Where did they go? Did they just leave me? no. I look at Finn and Alfie I could tell they were worried. They love One Direction. I pick up a note thats on the wall it says...

"Hi there Marlee.

Well I just wanted to let ya no that your a disgusting little whore. Since you don't deserve to have the life you have the boys are ours. You can't have them until you pick them....bitch.

With love, Mr.X and evil directioners. xxxx"

My eyes widen and I hold the note out to Finn. He grabs it and reads. Then Alfie reads it. 

"We need back up..." Alfie says. We call Zoe, Jack, Marcus, Joe, and Caspar. They all come and we explain whats going on. All the sudden a light bulb turns on in my head. I have a finger print detecter thing. I grab the note and scan it. I give us an address in The northern woods just outside of London. We all hop into Caspar's van and drive to the address.  We reach giant woods. We can see a house very far back in them. It's dark out and theres no road in the woods. We climb out and turn on flashlights. We start walk through the woods. Until we see the house. Its an old wood house. The basement lights are on. I see a small window on the one side of the house. We tip toe over and peek through the window. Me and Zoe are the smallest so the boys wait away from the window while me and Zoe go crawl over and look in the window. We look and see a man dressed in all black with 4 evil looking girls. I look around the big basement and finally I see the boys. Oh my god...... All the boys are chained to the wall. On the bottom of the wall by their feet are these grabber thing attacked to the wall and they are grabbing the boys legs so they can't move..... There are chains hanging from the ceiling that are around their wrists which is making them stand. Their arms are pulled above they're heads and they have duck tape over their mouths. I look at Zoe and she pats my back. We crawl away from the window and over to the guys. We tell them what we saw. How are we gunna do this. I run over and press my ear to the window. I hear them talking. Omg they said that their going upstairs to sleep! Yes!!! I tell everyone to come down by the window because they are coming upstairs. Once their upstairs we sit by the window for about an hour so we no their asleep. I look in the window and notice the boys eyes are open. Louis is on the wall facing the window. I look down at them with sad eyes. All the sudden Louis looks up at the window and looks at me straight in the eye. I out my finger to my lips to silents shush him. I can tell he's trying to smile through the tape. He looks at the stairs. He tries to move his hand to motion us to come. I look at my friends and nod. 

"Time to go in." I say.


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