niall's sister

Marlaina (Marlee) is not your everyday average girl. She tries her best to be like the rest of the kids. Thats hard to do for Marlee because her brother is Niall Horan from One Direction. What happens when Niall asks Marlee to go on tour with them? What if that question changes their lives? This story includes an unbreakable bond between a older brother and a little sister.


20. Chapter 17:)

I wake up and notice that I'm in the bus alone. Oh yeah the boys have rehersal all day. What am I supposed to do in a bus all day. I grab my computer and go on youtube. OMG! I love youtubersssss!!! I should make my own account. I go and make my own account @marleehoran.

I grab my camera and make my first video just introduce myself and stuff. I get a bunch of views and decide to tweet...

"made a youtubeee! subscribe to me @marleehoran!"

Youtube should be fun. But all the sudden my phone starts ringing. Blocked. I answer it

M- marlee P-person


p-hi is this marlaina horan?

m-yes, and you are.

p-hi marlee im the producer of the teen choice awards i just wanted to let you no that you have been nominated for best teen singer. and we were wondering if you wanted to perform?

my mouth drop and I feel tears of happiness in my eyes.

m-oh my gosh yes I would love to perform. but what would I be performing?

p-harry styles song don't let me go.

m-yes ok. we'll be there because I no the boys are nominated.

p-ok goodbye marlee


I hang up and just stare at my phone for a minute trying to process that. Tears are falling from my eyes....That seriously just happened....I run out of the bus with my hand in the air letting the heat from the sun hit me. I smile up at the sky. The beautiful blue sky... I run to the grass and just lay there looking up at the sky. The bus is parked outside our arena in Atlanta, Georgia. I smile. I get up and walk back over to the bus when I see the boys pulling up. I sit on the couch and wait for them to come in.

"Hey kiddo! We saw your youtube! Love it!" Liam says walking in. I guess they noticed that I was crying and they all walked over and sat next to me.

"Marlz. Why were you crying?" Zayn says. I smile down at my feet. 

"I uhh.*giggles* got nominated at the teen choice awards and am performing there." I say with the biggest smile on my face. They all hug me and say that we need to go over to the arena for that rehearsal. I grab my camera and decide to vlog. I turn on my camera and face it towards me and Louis walking behind the rest of the guys. I turn on the camera and Louis makes a weird face from over my shoulder. 

"Hey guys. I decided to vlog just for the fun of it because the boys are performing in Georgia todayyyyy! Say woohoo Zayn!" I say and face it to Zayn.

"wooohoooo!" Zayn screamed. I laugh and face it back to me. 

"Ok so we are walking over to the arena now for rehearsal." I say. And turn off the camera. The boys go back stage to get ready and I go on the stage and turn on my camera. 

"The arenaaaaaaaa." I say then face it towards me. 

"This is the arena the boys are performing in today. I'm excited..... Uhh lets go back stage and check on the boys." I say and walk back stage. I face the camera toward Niall and Liam doing a weird dance. After about 30 sec they stopped and realized I was filming and just stopped and stared at me. I turn the camera towards me. 

"And if you ever wondered what One Direction do backstage....there's your answer." I say. Niall comes behind me and puts his head on my shoulder and does a weird smile. I laugh and turn of the camera. 


Ok so now everyone is arriving and after video taping backstage I decided to go on stage to the people out there now which is a lot of people. I grab Harry's microphone and go behind the speaker. I turn the camera on. 

"Ready set....go" I say and run on the stage. I face the camera toward the crowd and they all go crazy! I laugh and face the camera towards me as Harry go behind me. He smiles and waves. I giggle. I talk into the mic.

"Alright this is the end of my vlog today! umm so yeah goodbyeeee! Can everyone say good bye on the count of 3!" I say and face the crowd. They all scream.

"Ok. Ready! 1 2 3!" I yell in the mic they all screamed good bye I faced the camera back to my smiling laughing self. And turn off the camera. I wave to the girl and walk off stage. I sit on the couch back stage and start editing my video on my mac book pro. I edit and upload it. I smile as the views pile up. I finish and log onto twitter to see and dm from my favorite you tuber ever. Zoella!... 


heyyyy guys so um I am home sick and I will be updating again!

i hope y'all loved the chapter! 




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