niall's sister

Marlaina (Marlee) is not your everyday average girl. She tries her best to be like the rest of the kids. Thats hard to do for Marlee because her brother is Niall Horan from One Direction. What happens when Niall asks Marlee to go on tour with them? What if that question changes their lives? This story includes an unbreakable bond between a older brother and a little sister.


13. Chapter 10:D

The boys sang a few song and now its my turn..... Paul hands me my microphone and pats me on the back. I look up at him and he walks me to where I will walk out on stage.....

"Now welcome my sister Marleeeeeeeee!!!! She's going to be singing what makes you beautiful."Niall says and the boys go backstage and leave the spotlight on me... I put my mic in the stand and I guess its time to start....

"Your insecure don't know what for. Your turning heads when you walk through the door. Don't need make up to cover up. Bein the way that you are is enoughh. Everyone else in the room can see it. Everyone else but youuuuuu. Baby you light up my world like know body else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwelmed but when you smile at the ground it ain't hardd to tell you don't knowoo you don't your beautiful, if only you saw what I could see. You'll understand why I want you so desperately. Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe you know uhhohh you don't know your beautiful uhhohh. That's what makes you beautifullllllll." I sang because thats all I wanted to sing. The boys all come behind and hug me. Niall kisses the top of my head. 


After the show I met up with Juliana. We swapped numbers and decided to hang out tomorrow at her house. We got into the bus and just lounged around because we have know place to be. I decide to go on twitter. All my notifications say @marleee_horan I get confused and go and look at it. This chick is pretending to be me! I look and there's pictures of me and Greg, me and my mum, dad, niall, even Fizzy. ps: felicite lottie and waliyha are my best friends. I look through her paper and people are actually believeing her...... I decided to tweet her..

"Excuse me @marleee_horan.. but um pretending to be me isn't going to get me to like you.. you are honestly pissing me off.. you don't pretend to be someone just because I am I guess kind of well known... I am greatful for everything but all of this because I hate seeing people pretend to be me or hate me for Niall being my brother.. please either change your account or delete it. and that goes for all the fake me's" i tweet. ugh..... Liam runs in the room and gives me a high five. I look at him confused. he shows me his phone and its my tweet. I smile and he runs out of the room. All the boys run in all the sudden. 

"WE HAVE AN IDEAAAA!!" Louis screams. I sit up and look at them. 

"We are going camping tonight!!" Niall yells! I smile. There's camping woods right by here so we are going there. 

"But we need tents..." I say. They all look at me. 

"Ok I'll go get them at the Target right there but if I get mobbed because I am very well known now its on all of your conciseness." I say and walk over to Target with Niall's wallet. Igrab a few tents trying not to be seen. I go up to the cash register and keep my head down. And of course the cashier has pictures of one direction all over her check out:| I grab sunglasses right next to me and put them on. She checks out the camping stuff like tents, a cooler, and some chairs. 

"I need to scan those glasses sweetie." she says. Crap..... I take them off but keep my head down. She looks at me and starts screaming. I shush her and thank her and walk over. I run over to the bus and drop the tent stuff on the grass. All the boys come out and grab the stuff we pile into the bus and drive to the camp site. We get out and tell Paul to pick us up in the morning. The bus leaves and we set up our stuff. Harry and Louis build a fire amd Zayn cuts some wood for seats. I help set up the wood benches and we sit in front of the fire and just talk like there wasn't the fame.. Like there's know one knowing about us. We start singing for a while, roast some marshmallows and head to the giant tent that fits 8 that I brought. we have mattresses all in the tent be all get in bed and fall asleep.


Authors Note!!!!!

heyyy guyyyysssss!!!!

well next chapter directionerforever1234 will be in the chapter a lot. :)

and guys i want to be a singer and possibly go out for x factor last year...... i am terrified....any advice for me pleaseeeee comment!!!!

ily alll!!!



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