A Walk to Remember

What happens when Dakota Cruise goes on a walk she will never forget? Will she possibly meet up with her ex best friend Harry Styles who left her to take off on his singing career? Could she fall for one of this band mates maybe? Find out in my newest fiction that's sure to make you go crazy for updates;) Thanks for reading!!!!!! I write 3x a day!


4. Filler

I woke up with terrible bed head and a massive migraine. I felt like I was trying to recover from a really bad hangover. I slowly trudged out of bed and combed my hair. As I rushed downstairs I took notice of how my brother and I used to race down stairs and see who could get to the kitchen and finish their breakfast first. Man do I miss that. I opened the head of my Keurig and did my magic. Soon I had a travel mug in one hand and a Nutella covered bagel in the other. Yum. Now time for work. Yuck. I got to my bedroom and found a sexy black pencil skirt, a short sleeve white dress-shirt, and a long black necklace. I stepped into my bathroom and pulled out some light makeup. Cover girl, Maybelline mascara, and some MAC eyeliner. I pulled out a Revelon straightener and quickly fixed up my mane some people called hair. After spraying my favorite fragrance Viva La Juicy I was out the door. When I got to my office I was called into my first conciliation if the day. I guess one of my clients was ordering a large cake that had real fireworks blossoming out of the top. It seemed like a little much and the rest of the day was just as bad. I worked with some real pricks and cunts, ugh. I was relieved just to be home. It was 5:45 when I entered the mud room. Oh jeez time to get ready! I ended up dressing myself in a big wool sweater, a matching scarf, and tying my hair back in a sloppy fishtail. Before I realized it I was standing at the Style's door. Before I could hit the doorbell the door swiftly opened and I was looking into the eyes of Zayn Malik. "Hey! Dakota, come in! Hi Zayn how are you? I'm good what about you? Ahhh work well it's work, haha." He led me into the bedroom I used to know so well. Harry's. "Dakota!" Harry said pecking my cheek. He's treating me like our bond had never been broken. He must've warmed up to me quicker than I thought. But I was ready to be back with my best friend and have a good time.

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