A Walk to Remember

What happens when Dakota Cruise goes on a walk she will never forget? Will she possibly meet up with her ex best friend Harry Styles who left her to take off on his singing career? Could she fall for one of this band mates maybe? Find out in my newest fiction that's sure to make you go crazy for updates;) Thanks for reading!!!!!! I write 3x a day!


1. Remanising

As the leaves tumbled to the ground a chill was sent up my spine from the autumnal breeze pelting at my back. My butt vibrated as my phone played it's typical tune. "Aubrey," the screen read. Suddenly I started to hear her muffled stuffy voice across the line. "Hey Dakota wanna take a trip to meet me up at Starbucks? I'm a little sniffly so I could use a hot green tea." Hmmm I thought, this means I'll have to listen to more sob stories about her picking fights with her mom and now unfortunately complaints about her new sickness. "I'd love to!" I said as kindly as possible. "Alright meet me up around 1:00." As I clicked off my phone I picked up my sketchbook and strolled back home. Home to me was large, white, and in a small suburban area of Cheshire England. Yes of course Harry Style's hometown. Actually I happened to be his best friend. Or should I say old best friend. Since I was little it was him and I against the world. We grew up together. Just him and I. When we figured out the news about him leaving Homes Chapel for X-Factor auditions I was ecstatic. He always would serenade me with beautiful songs in his raspy deep voice that gave me butterflies. That was until I realized he wasn't going to come back. What was a tiny feud soon resulted in a large predicament. I blew up at him disappointed that he was actually leaving me. For good. Now I'm 21 and the last time I laid eyes on him was probably when we were 16. Eventually I found new friends and survived on my own. But till this day he still has left this large empty black hole in my stomach. And now a new problem has arose. Harry Styles was coming back home.

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