19 year old Eliza Smith has had some hard times in her life. She has no confidence or faith in herself whatsoever. She needs to become strong, because what she is about to face is more difficult than any thing she has faced before.


4. Three

April 17th

4 years earlier

I wake to gunshots. Two men stand in front of my bed with my two bestfriends handcuffed, standing behind them. Before I even think of running, I am also handcuffed and lead out the door by these two unfamiliar men. I walk with Diana and Peter and Peter whispers into my ear, "Don't fight them. Don't run. Just follow them or we'll die." I nod and realize Peter is looking at something. The floor, my hallway floor that is covered in blood. He looks at Diana and I notice a look on her face I've only seen once or twice in my 15 years of knowing her. A look of pain. A look I saw when she broke her arm, and when her toe was bleeding after she dropped a glass and it cut it. I immediately know she's hurt, so I look her up and down and finally find the source of blood, and also the reason why Peter told me not to fight against them. Diana limps as the bullet wound in her leg makes her wince each time she walks. I look at Peter and I see tears in his eyes, as he whispers "they got her before us."

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