19 year old Eliza Smith has had some hard times in her life. She has no confidence or faith in herself whatsoever. She needs to become strong, because what she is about to face is more difficult than any thing she has faced before.


6. Five

Last year

Diana and I drop to our knees. We sob and know that this time, we won't survive.

Three years ago, Peter heard the men who took us. They said "starting now, we're going to do this every year, and make the experiments stronger each year."

Last year, we lived in the shadows. We hardly ever went outside. We knew they were coming again. But when they didn't, we lived our normal lives again. We wanted to be our old selves again, but to this day, we're still trying to find them.

Peter wraps his arms around us and we stay there for what seems like forever.

Then the door bursts open.

And we all discovered that we were stronger than we thought.

We grabbed knives from Diana's kitchen and stood in a circle.

And Peter says, in the harshest tone I've ever heard him use, "not again."

The three men pull out their guns and I look to Diana. She shuts her eyes and I see her face grow cruel. She throws the knife at the man who drove her to her experiment. Peter throws his. I throw mine.

Three men drop.

Three men bleed.

Three more men are in the room.

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