Wallflower turnover


1. chapter one

Hyuna's POV:

Another day of school....I absolutely hate school. Why? Because no one gives a damn about me. I'm the person that everyone assumes just sit in a corner of the classroom and pay attention in class, a person that people assume they could make use of whenever they need just by threatening me. Ha! Well actually they are right, I just give in to everyone and my fate of forever being the wallflower. Actually I do have one friend, someone I could count on no matter what, someone that won't judge me for being me, someone that knows...inside this small body and nerdy specs------is one hell of a sassy bitch! Not your idea of a wallflower? Too bad then. Oh yeah! You must be wondering who my friend is! H1e's none other than Lee Joon, a.k.a. the school jock! I turned to the window beside me when I heard a stone hitting it. Speak of the devil! I tipped my head down to more clearly see Joonie. He was staring up with a devilish smile along with his "groupie". They must have told him to do it, I hope. Well you see, NO ONE KNOWS WE'RE BEST FRIENDS! And so basically everyone picks on me.

Joon's POV:

I threw the damn stone at the window again. I hope Hyuna understands that I didn't do that because I wanted to but because I was made to. Suddenly I heard a super duper high pitch voice shouting at me.


Urgh...it's none other than my irritating hell of a girlfriend---Lizzy. Truthfully I'm not sure why I'm with her. I would prefer to be with....nah that will never happen. I turned around to face Lizzy.


"Should we go and make fun of that Hyuna girl? She keeps getting on my nerves!"

What the heck woman what did Hyuna ever do to you?!

"Why do you want to make fun of her? She didn't do anything to you..."

"That's the point! She should be retaliating but she isn't! Urgh that horrendous girl! Disgusting! And she dresses like an ahjumma!" Lizzy whined.

Two words I wanted to tell her----F^CK OFF! But of course I didn't.

"Keep your hands off her, I'll do it for you." I guess the only way now was for me to get the guys to spread false rumours of me hitting her up or something.

With a nod and a kiss, she duck-walked away from me. B^tch much! Better text her to warn her.

To: Hyunnie

Watch out for the duck!

From: Joonie

Hardly a minute later, I got a reply.

From: Hyunnie

Yes sir! May I know what the duck wants from me this time? And I hope that my guess was right that the dogs made you throw the stone...

To: Joonie

I replied her message and went up to the cafeteria.

Hyuna's POV:

From: Joonie

She said you should be retaliating but you aren't. I still don't understand why you don't want to karate chop her head off...you are a black belt for god sake. You guessed right! /wink/ TTYL! Meet you at the cafe at 4~

To: Hyunnie

I rolled my eyes and couldn't help but smile at this. I imagined Lizzy's head rolling off her neck....well that's a sight to see!

You must be wondering about why the hell I would be a black belt at fighting...no? Well you have no choice since I'm saying! What everyone doesn't know is that I am the daughter of the richest man in Korea...second heir to the Kim Industry. The first heir is my brother Kim Jaejoong but I'll introduce him later on! Anyway, our parents insisted that we learn self-defence. Joonie knows about all this since his dad is the head of security in charge of protecting our family!

"Miss Kim Hyuna! What are you daydreaming about?"

I snapped out of my daze and stared at my teacher. That irritating son of a gun! I looked around to see that everyone was already gone. Shit!

"Uhm...I was daydreaming of getting out of class..." With that, I quickly packed up my things, bowed to the teacher, and left the class, heading to the cafeteria. Before I even reached the cafeteria, I already got jeered by a group of cheerleaders. So, like every high school you know, there are many different cliques. I'll start from the more, what you would normally say popular cliques.

So first, there are the jocks, which includes mainly—bad boys, players, heartbreakers and hot guys. Then, there are the cheerleaders, which includes mainly of well, airheads, sl^ts, wh^res and other mean words to describe girls you don’t normally like! Then the rest are just nerds, geeks, and the people who no one knows. Well, I don’t belong in any clique cuz, you know, I’m the wallflower that geeks probably try to avoid.

In the cafeteria, I had this one seat table all for myself at the corner. I got my food and sat down to eat. Suddenly, I felt someone looming over me…I looked up and found myself staring at someone with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen hid behind a pair of glasses as big as mine.

“Heyy…uhmm….do you mind if I join you?”


“Are you new in this school?”

He nodded his head. Should have known! Dang!

“Yeah well, I don’t think you’re supposed to be sitting here, well, not unless you want to be mocked by everyone else present in this room...”

He looked and me for a minute, as though he was considering sitting with me, then sat down. This is so bad for him but he doesn’t know it. I was about to open my mouth to tell him leave or else something bad may happen but he cut me off, saying “I'm Jang Hyunseung by the way! Nice to meet you!” and showed a beautiful smile.

"I'm Hyuna!"


Heyhey! so im done with chapter one? what do you think about it? XD was it good or bad? please comment!


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