Fifty Shades of Styles

Roxanne thought she had it all. Huge house, dream job and the sexiest fiancée on the planet... until she met Harry Styles. One word is all it takes for him to become obsessed with her and he won't stop until she screams his name. Overpowering, protective and handsome Mr Styles turns Roxanne's world upside down in the space of fifty days.


4. Chapter 3

2nd January 2014

Seeing as though Tom wasn't home yet, I decided to make myself breakfast and go to the gym for a couple of hours. I grabbed the strawberries, bananas, blueberries and cucumber from the fridge, sliced them up and chucked them in a bowl. A glass of orange juice on the side is always the best breakfast for me.

I finished off my breakfast and changed into my gym clothes. I didn't have the skinniest legs and they wobbled when I walked, so I decided to wear my joggers... shorts underneath... and sweat shirt. I put my black vest on underneath it, just in case I got a little sweaty. I walked to the gym seeing as though Tom still had the car... I wonder why he hasn't come home yet.

I arrived at the gym and headed for the treadmill. The easiest workout there is... all you have to do is run. I took my sweater off, folded up my joggers and started running. I was a bit anxious that people were staring at me but I kept on running. If they were looking at my ass, it was their fault... not mine. I can't help it if I have a very bouncy ass.

I must have been running for about twenty minutes before a strange guy came over to me and turned the speed up.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Turning the speed up... you can go faster." he replied, pushing the button.

"Go away!" I told him, stopping the treadmill.

"If you want tighter thighs, you need to go faster."

"You need to go away... creep!" I walked away and he followed me.

"You hired an instructor... here I am!" he shouted.

"I didn't hire an instructor." I replied, confused.

"You're not Leah?"


"Oh... well, sorry about that little... incident." he said, walking away.

I frowned and picked up my sweat shirt. I walked back into the changing rooms, showered and changed into my skinny jeans and chequered shirt. I quickly dried my hair and left it a little damp. It turned curly after a while and when I got outside, my head was freezing. Lucky for me... it was raining and I had to walk home. I clung onto my coat and my bag as the wind hit me in the face. My cheeks were freezing and I couldn't feel my fingers. Where the hell is Tom?!

I ran down my path and quickly jammed the key into the door, rushing inside the warm, cosy house. I dropped my bag at the bottom of the stairs and slumped onto the couch in the living room. I switched on the TV and started watching How I Met Your Mother. I'm not usually the type of person that watches a lot of TV, but Tom wasn't home yet... so I decided to be lazy. I picked up the bowl of nuts and chomped on them. It didn't take me long to fall asleep and before I knew it, I was sprawled out across the couch with nuts all over me.

A knock at the door woke me up and I jumped off the couch. I hesitated to answer the door, just in case it was Tom. I had no idea what to say to him... 'where have you been?!' I can't start an argument I won't win. I answered the door and my sister walked straight past me.

"Hospital... now!!" she shouted.

I had no time to answer her, so I grabbed my bag, jumped in my shoes and headed for the hospital.

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