who was she ?

its a story about a boy missing someone and by the time something unusual happened


1. Who was she?

On 13 november i was enjoying my birthday.At night i was very depressed because of my  best friend's death ,2 years ago he was dead in a car accident at ring road in 2008.Suddenly i got a feeling that someone was in my room and i hid my face in blanket and found that someone's hand was on my head and heard a voice of woman saying "everything will be alright".I really got scared and asked who are you?,"linda swift" and without looking here and there i ran away...............After one week i was playing with my friend and our ball fell down in a graveyard,i found that my ball was near a grave ,as i bent to take ball i found that it was written on grave"linda will "and"1949 to 2008" .I just ran away.Then i decided to get some information about her and found that she was also dead in a car accideni in 2008 at ring road ,where my friend died...........

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