Age doesn't Matter (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Nikki is a young girl that happens to meet Zayn Malik while he is sight seeing L.A.
Will there be romance or not. Read to find out.


2. Truth Comes out

~ After she sent Barbara home, her and the boys went to Zayn's hotel where they were currently in an intense game of "Truth of dare."  "Nikki, truth or dare?" asked Niall.
 "Dare all the way baby," she screamed.
 "You must be the wild child," he laughed, "so Nikki I dare you to French kiss Zayn over here for two whole minute, and it will be timed."
 Nikki face went slightly pale, while she thought about backing out.  On the other hand Zayn had a huge grin on his face because he truly had feeling for the girl he just met today.  After agreeing to the dare, she walked over to the half vacant couch Zayn sat on.  She leaned in slowly waiting for Zayn to mimic the motion.  When Zayn started leaning in, he put his hand on her waste, pulling her closer.  After about thirty dramatic second the clock began as their soft lips connect.  Zayn bit her bottom lip asking for entrance, she gladly accepted.  After about a minute, the dominance battles was over with Zayn in the lead.  About after ninety seconds a bulge formed in the pants of Zayn.  He was enjoying himself, as well as was Nikki.  After the intense of two minutes, the buzzer went off.  Everyone eyes were huge in disbelief, Zayn hurried to the bathroom to fix his little issue, and for Nikki her cheeks were as red as a tomato. 
 A few minutes in the silence, the boys were clapping and whistling about her job well done.  And when Zayn returned, his hair was drenched with ice cold water. He had defiantly took a cold shower.  Then, they started to get to know Nikki a lot better.  "So how old are you, love?" Louis questioned.
 She answered with caution," I am.. um...Fifteen."
 "You're what," Liam almost screamed.
 "I am fifteen, is that a problem," she answered in some sort of sassy tone.
 "No, but are you a hooker?" Harry asked.
 Niall hit Harry upside the head with a pillow before she answered, "No, why do you ask, Harry."
 "Well, sorry to mention this Zayn, but you gave a twenty one year old an erection," he coughed up.
 "Yeah, so what. It was like I meant to, maybe he is just super horny, no offense Zayn," she snapped back.
 "Well lets leave that question alone, so are you single?" Zayn asked.
 "Well kinda, I am, but I have this huge crush on a guy, and I kinda let him my first kiss not to long ago, I really want to know how he feels before I commit to anyone else," she stated shyly.
 "Can we know his name?" asked Liam
 "Sure his name is Zayn," she said clearly.
 "Well your not afraid are you, so Zayn what do you think.  You literally just gave a girl her first kiss. Huh-Huh," Louis said nudging Zayn's arm.
 "Well, um, I think she is extremely sexy and is not afraid, the only thing is wouldn't the press and her parents hate me?" he questioned.
 "Well, one of those things are taken care of,  you see my parents died when I was ten so I live with Boo and her older brother.  I am pretty much a free girl.  And we don't have to tell the press now do we," she stated with a large smirk.
 "Well I think that would be ok but if it comes out into the press you have to promise you won't make it a scandal.  You know I am not trying to ruin this but I just met you earlier today, it's just as a precaution," Zayn, said in a concerning tone.
 "I promise, so anything else you boys want to ask me," she said like she knew what the next question will be.
 "Well I do, what the hell are you doing for the next six months because Zaynie over here probably will want you to finish tour with us, you so he could see you more, you know what I mean," Niall said-matter-of-factly-tone.
 "Well I want to here it from Zayn or I leave like within five minutes, so whateva your plan is boys act fast," She said with a huge grin plastered on her face.
 Almost immediately Zayn, walking out of the room.  Nikki smile almost faded completely, until she saw him return with the flower bouquet that was in the vase located in the kitchen.  He got down on one knee in front of her, as if he was proposing.  The question slip out of his precious mouth, "Nikki, I know we just met but would you like to become my kinda secret girlfriend and then finish tour with me, please."
 Nikki stood with a smile a she rapidly shook her head in agreement, then she asked a simple question, to all boys, "Boys if you don't mind could I invite boo, because I think I would go crazy if I only had five boys running around me, especially seeing you all have six packs and I am bound to see all you at least once shirtless.  I will defiantly be seeing Zayn shirtless.  So what do you say?"


*A/N I hope you enjoy.  I only did because of how many of you wanted it.

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