Age doesn't Matter (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Nikki is a young girl that happens to meet Zayn Malik while he is sight seeing L.A.
Will there be romance or not. Read to find out.


7. Sickness

~"Well, lets leave them to make babies," Louis said, with a cheeky smile.
 "Yay, maybe not, remember she is only fifteen," Zayn said, protectng Nikki.
 "Yeah, but I am a very mature girl," NIkki said winking.
 "I think Nikki might be telling you something," Harry laughed.
 "Yeah Harry, why don't we just start that little arguement up again," She smirked.
 "Well, lets not," he said in a whispered,
 "Well can you all least leave, even though nothing will, happen," Zayn lIterally screamed.
 "Cool down Zayn, they would leave much easier if you asked politly," Nikki sated, all the boys nodded, in agreement.
 "Your right babe, boys can you please leave, and do not go to my room after," Zayn said.
 "Sure, lad, just Nikki remember, me and Niall want all the deets afterwards," Louis laughed, while they exited, closing the door behind them.
 As soon as the door close, Nikki turned to Zayn, and immediatly began to snog, him.  Don't get me wrong, Zayn was enjoying himself, but he didn't want to rush her.  " Babe, you know, we don't have to do anything,"  Zayn said, with concern.
 With those words, Nikki stopped dead in her tracks.  She couldn't believe him.  It was just a shock, and she thought he would want it.   "Oh," was all that escaped her lips.
 She felt like crying, because Zayn didn't want her.  Nikki isn't stupid either, he was never trying to protect her, he just felt sorry for her, like Harry had said.  Zayn noticed her concern and tried to help.  "Nikki, whats wrong?" he asked.
 "Nothing, I am just tried. I'm going to head off to bed," she stated.
 Walking through the door, to Zayn's bedroom.  As soon as she entered she, collapsed onto the floor.  She cried, and cried, until someone with two muscular arms, picked her up bridal style.  He laid her on the bed.  Them proceeded to the other side where, he got underneath the blanket and allowed her to snuggle into his chest.  This was when she realized it was Zayn.  "Babe, why are you crying," zayn whispered.
 "Because you don't want me," she cried.
 "What do you mean, of course I want you.  But I thought you want your first time to be special, and you are only fifteen," he stated.
 "Oh... Dammit, I really need to stop over reacting," she laughed.
 "It's ok, you are perfect," he said,"Now, you do understand we are going on tour this friday."
 "Shit, now you tell me, I thought it was like in a month," she said.
 "Sorry, babe, but we have to leave soon, I can't control that," he said, as he placed his arm around her, allowing her too snuggle closer. 
 "Can we stay like this until, tomorrow?" she aked.
 "Of course, and just to give you slight heads up you might not be liked by the managment," Zayn states with worry in his voice.
 "Like I care, aslong as they don't try to kill me, I shall be fine,"She says.
 "Great know, now go to sleep," Zayn said, closing his eyes.
 With that they were asleep.
 Morning seemed to come quickly, for the lovebirds as they were up a six
 to take Nikki home.  "Zayn, it's the house with the Hummer in the driveway," Nikki stated, as Zayn drove down her street.
 "Woah, who's Hummer is that?" he questioned in awe.
 "Well, it is actually mine, but since I'm fifteen, Boo's brother, Matt, drives it,"  Nikki replied.
 "Well, since I am your incredibly sweet, and caring boyfriend, can I take it out sometime?" He sweet-talks Nikki.
 "Come in and talk to Matt anf then you'll find out," she smirked.
 "Fine, only because I care for you and it is not because of the car, swear on my life," He says.
 "Sure Malik, so lets go in, say a 'hello', and then we can leave and do who knows what," she says getting out of the car.
 "Okay...wait, what I thought you had school?" he questioned.
 "Yeah I tested you, you know I have never known someone who goes to school on a Sunday, Mister Malik," she smirked reaching the door.
 Before he could answer  Nikki had already opened the door and slipped inside.  "Matthew...Boo, I'm home," she screamed.
 Boo, and Mathew came running down the stairs to see Nikki.  When they reached the bottoms, they had noticed Zayn, and stopped in their tracks.  "Soo...umm... who is this feller you got here Nikkster," Matthew smirked.
  Nikki looked up to Zayn before answering, "Ohh, you see this is Zayn, we met at a Fangirl mob, and I went to his house, we hung out, then he asked me to be his...girlfriend."
 "Oh My God... My best friend is dating Zayn Malik, from One Direction," Boo screamed.
 "Yeah about that...Matthew is it...I was hoping that I could take, Nikki here on tour with me.....only for the remaining months?" Zayn asked.
 "Yeah, it's up to her, I'm not her father and for all I am concerned with go ahead and take Barbara here too," Matthew said, laughing.
 "Wow, that was easy,  oh can Boo come to.   Please Matty," Nikki begged.
 "Sure, like I said I don't really give a damn, all were are is basically roomates," Matthew said.
 "Great well bye guys, me and Zayn are going to hang out, I'll be back around five to get my stuff," Nikki said.
 "When does tour start back up?" questioned Barbara.
 "Friday, but I going to stay at Zayn's hotel until then," Nikki said, as she started going towards the door.
 "Oh, well bye," screamed Boo.
 Nikki and Zayn spent the day walking around the streets of L.A. The ate lunch at a local cafe, and then retreated to the hotel were they watched Toy Story, until they were interupted.  Liam. Louis, and Niall came stumbling through the hotel door, scream nonsense into the air,  "What the hell? We are trying the watch a movie," screamed Zayn, as he pointed to the TV.
 "TOY STORY," scremed Liam.
 "Yes were watching Toy Story, but why in the hell are you guys screaming and where is Haz?" Zayn asked.
 "Well, we were all coming back from lunch, including our dear friend Harold, then some screming fans, caught our attention.  You see Haz thought they were hot so he made he way over and know, lets just say that he is in a sitiuation, that Paul, is trying to handle," said louis is most serious voice.
 "Well, just stop laughing, I have a head ache," Nikki said, holding her head.
 "Oh, sorry love, but can we watch the movie with you?" Louis asked.
 "Sure, if you don't mind PDA," Zayn said, smirking at Nikki.
 "Well, Liam will be to focused on the movie, Niall is going to make food, and I will probally be texting El, so why not," Louis stated.
 Niall did as predicted, he walked into the kitchen complaing of his hunger.  Louis, actualy, went and Skyped El, while Liam watch the movie, very attentively.
 "Zayn, I am going to sleep, my head hurts, way to much, I feel like I am going to-" Nikki said,when she got up and ran to the bathroom.
 Zayn, got up and ran after, when he reached to bathroom Nikki was leaning over the toilet puking out her brains.  When she finished, she sat down aganist the wall, breathing heavily.  Zayn got her a cool wet towel to put on her head.  She sat there for minutes, untill she attempted getting up.  She stood, but soon fell back into the ground.


A/n so this chapter is dedicated to my good friend Avery, she told me to update, so here you go.

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