Age doesn't Matter (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Nikki is a young girl that happens to meet Zayn Malik while he is sight seeing L.A.
Will there be romance or not. Read to find out.


4. Quality Time

~She knocked three times.  He didn't answer.  She reacher her hand out as she sniffled.  When the door knob was in her hand she twisted it slowly, only to find it was unlocked. When the chamber was fully cleared, she applied force as she pushed the door open. 
 There he sat on the edge of the bed with his IPhone glued to his ear.  He was talking to someone, when his eyes went wide, he noticed that Nikki was standing there, in the door frame.  He told the person, goodbye, when he threw the phone on the bed, he started walking towards.  When he reached her, he open his arms for her to embrace, but she vetoed the offer. "No Zayn, I want to know if you are with me, cause you feel sorry for me?" she asked, barely audioable.
 "Of course not baby, why on the world would you think that?" he replied.
 "Because that's what Harry said and I couldn't help think that it was true," she whispered.
 "Hey don't believe a word he says, he just jealous because I got the sexy ass girlfriend, now came here and we'll watch a movie together," he said in a concerning voice.
 Nikki let out a giggle and walked over to Zayn's bed, shortly greeted by Zayn. Zayn streched out on his side, while Nikki scooted up next to Zayn,snuggling with him.  She placed her hand on zayn chest that was covered by his Navy blue V-neck.  Zayn was just staring at her, not even watching the movie they started a few minutes ago. "Zayn do you ever wonder what your life would be without the boys, like a solo career?" Nikki asked.
 "Well I think I would be pretty lonely, because the boys are like my four iditotic brothers, you understand," he replied.
 Nikki simply nodded, then focused her attention on the TV screen.  After about an half hour later Nikki slowly started breathing heavier as she drifted into a deep sleep.  Zayn's mind was full of thought, but really they were mainly about the tour, which then leaded to Nikki. Man, this is going to be hard, she's only fifteen, I can't be all sexually active with her.  Ecsecially since if there was a mishap and she ended up pregant, woah that would be a disaster.  But I can't go all cheating on her, she is so kind and if I break her heart, she will go sueing me or something and I would just feel horrible. Hopefully she still will kiss me like earlier, because that could take the place of the sex.  Anyways if we ended up having sex, it deffiantly be once in a blue moon, come on, I think I love this girl...truly. Then Nikki entered the his train of thought,"Babe maybe I should head home, Boo is probaly worried sick."
 "Aww, can you please stay.  Just Text her.  I won't try anythiny I promise,"he said sincerely. 
 "I know you wouldn"t and that is why I like you with all my heart, but I have homework and school," she said getting out of the bed.
 "Please love, you could stay the night and then I'll take you home on the morning, then I will take you to school," he said not backing down.
 "Zayn you don't give up, do you?  Anyways I have homework, and unless you call my school and tell them I am sick, I could get a detention for showing up with no homework done," she said walking towards the door.
 With that said, Zayn immediatly got up and race over to his girlfriend. "I will, if you stay the night," he said with a puppy dog eyes.
 "Fine, but if Boo's brother finds out, you answer to his wrath," she said giving in.
 "Ok, I'll get you clothes to wear and you can change in the bathroom,while I change out here," he said, leaving the last part in a whisper,"Meet me on the bed in ten."

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