Age doesn't Matter (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Nikki is a young girl that happens to meet Zayn Malik while he is sight seeing L.A.
Will there be romance or not. Read to find out.


6. Oh Louis!!!!!

~"Will do," Nikki said as she headed to the bathroom.  In the bathroom she changed into some of Zayn's basketball shorts.  She took off her dress only leaving he in the tank top she had on underneath.  With that she exited the bathroom, only to find a shirtless Zayn lying on the bed staring off into the distance, until Nikki broke his train of thought, "Zayn what are you looking at?"
 "Nothing particular, just waiting for my uncontrollably sexy girlfriend, where is she anyways," he said, without changing expression.
 "Well, if you want I can leave, you know if you expecting someone else," she said turning around, about to exited.
 Nikki heard some stumbling, then she realized thaat she had grew a smirk in the process.  That is when she felt Zayn's hands slip around her waste, and his head sat in the crook of her neck.  His hot breath aganist her freezing neck, sent shivers down her spine.  They stay in that position until, Zayn broke the soothing silence. "Babe, I don't want another girl.  I just want you to join me on the bed, where we can snuggle," he whispered.
 "I know, but if I don't like anything we do, I am going to tell you to stop and you better stop," she replied.
 "I wasn't going to try anything. Earlier, I promised myself I wouldn't because of your age," he replied.
 "Aww, your sweet, but what if I wanted you to try something," she said, spinning around in Zayn's arms.
 "Well in that case I just might, but nothing too bad I promise, now lets go to the bed and snuggle, and we might kiss a little," he said, pulling Nikki to the bed.
 The layed down on the bed.  Nikki was held down by Zayn's arm.  Her head layed, on his chest, while she traced, the edge of Zayn's really toned abs.  Zayn was staring at her. They were in complete silence.
 After after a while Nikki was dozing off, while Zayn watched a little telly.  It was peaceful, until Niall busted through the door laughing uncontrollably.  "Guys, you need to come see the sitution Louis got himself into," and with those words the couple got up and scrambled into the living room.  There he lay, on the floor, with honey all over him.  "What the hell happened Louis," Zayn yelled.
 "You see we were having a game of 'would you rather' when Louis went to get something to eat and when he return we planned on spraying him with, water gun, and insead we threw honey on him, and now he won't get up because he says, there is honey in all the wrong places,"  Niall explained.
 "Awww, poor Lou, come on I will help you," Lous jumped at Nikki words, Zayn glared at her.
 "That would be awesome," Louis and Nikki walked into the bathroom.
 "Okay,Lou,I'll go outside while you take off your cloths.  Get in the shower, and then I will take them and clean them.  Yell when you're in," Nikki said, as she slipped out the door.
 While she was in the hallway, Zayn came over and attempted to be mad at her.  "What the hell Nikki, why are you helping him," he yelled
 "Well sorry, but all I was going to do was wash his clothes, jeez were you thinking I was going to help him shower...Oh My God, Zayn that is disgusting," she screamed.
 "Oh," was all that came out of Zayn.
 "Oh, is right.  Now excuse me I need to clean Louis clothes," she said after a yell came form the bathroom.
 Nikki slipped into the door, stole his cloths.  She took them to the washroom. In there she put them into the washer. After turning on the washer on, she felt a pair of hands slip onto her waist.  Zayn's hot breath whisped acrossed her skin,"Babe, I'm so sorry, I just got jealous, well because I wasn't for sure what we are for sure, because you seemed kinda distant ."
 "Well what are we," Nikki said as she turned in his arms.
 "Well,I was wondering if you would like to be my princess, even though you are my secret girlfriend.  Lets make it a little more public, if it's ok," he said.
 "Well, Zayn,if you don't freak out when I talk to the boys, the I would be happy to be your princess slash public girlfriend," she whisperd.
 "I promise, my princess," he almost screamed.
 That is when three boys and dripping wet Louis busted through the door.  "Soooo...Zayn did you ask?" Niall questioned.
 "Yes and she said Yes, I'd like you to officaly meet my Princess, Nikki," Zayn said happily.


A/N Hope you like and I found out that my crush really likes this story, yayy me  <3

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