Age doesn't Matter (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Nikki is a young girl that happens to meet Zayn Malik while he is sight seeing L.A.
Will there be romance or not. Read to find out.


9. Its Ok

Hey everyone so sorry for not updating.  Please don't hate me will update as soon as possible.  

Zayn picked her up  bridal style, and took her to his bedroom. In his bedroom, he laid her on the bed.  She curled up into a ball, and started to weep. "Baby, why are you crying?" Zayn asked.
    "I hate being sick, sick like this," she croaked.
    "What do you mean 'sick like this'?" Zayn asked, more worried.
    "Zayn, you need to know that I am not perfect," she said, Zayn nodded," I have this condition, where if I eat or drink stuff, I throw up within hours.  I don't do it on purpose, it just happen.  Some stuff hits harder than others."
    "Awe, baby, it's okay, I don't mind," Zayn said in a concerned tone.
    "Thank you," She said, moving closer to Zayn, so she could, feel his warmth.
    "You know you had me really scared, I thought you might be pregnant," Zayn, said stroking, her back.
    "Oh god no, if I was pregnant, do you actually think I would be with you right now," she laughed.
    "Guess not, but if you ever become pregnant, just tell me okay," Zayn said, Nikki nodded, before drifting into sleep.
    The next morning the Nikki and Zayn woke up to four man-children, jumping on the bed.  Louis was screaming in Nikki's ears, while Harry screamed into Zayn's ears.  "What the hell, let us sleep," screamed Nikki.
    "No can do, Zayn and the rest of us have a interview, and you have to go pack, along with helping Boo," Louis said, as they jumped off the bed.    
    "Fine, you win, I even have to enroll, in my school's ITC classes, so I can come on tour," Nikki said, sitting up and stretching.
    "What is a ITC class?" Liam questioned.
    "Oh, all it is, is a online course, but with ITC you can create it to fit your liking and schedule.  I already have a few of my classes that way," Nikki answered.
    Zayn finally, started waking up.  He was mumbling some really embarrassing things, as he woke.  When he realized that all the boys and Nikki were awake and in is bedroom, he screamed and fell off the bed.  
    Nikki laughed at his fall, it was very dramatic. Louis was the first to speak up, "Whoa, Zayn what was that?"
    "Uhh.... I got scared, I mean was I mumbling," they all nodded, "Shit, could you tell what I was saying."
    "Not really, but it sounded dirty," Harry said, the winked.
    Zayn's cheeks became really red.  The boys laughed as they exited the room. "Zayn do you think I could stay here the rest of the week?" Nikki asked shyly,
    "Of course, because you are super hot girlfriend and I love spending time with you.  Do you have to school this week?" Zayn asked.
    "Depends on when my ITC classes can start, even if I do go to school, I only have to go half day today, because of my other ITC courses start up today," she said.
    "Great well you can go to the bathroom and change, while I change out here," Zayn said getting up to change.
    "Uhh, baby did you forget that I don't have my clothes yet?" she asked.
    "Right, do you want to barrow one of my shirts and re wear you shorts?" he asked.
    "Sure, can I pick mine and your's shirt?" she questioned.
    "Sure, Babe.  My closet is over there," he said, pointing to the closed door in to corner.
    Nikki got up and walked to the closet.  Inside she picked out a Purple V-neck, for her and a Black shirt with the batman logo on it for Zayn.  Exiting the closet she chucked the shirt to Zayn and quickly went into the bathroom to change herself.
    Later on in the day Nikki was sitting on the couch, that was in Boo and her's room.  She was completing her introduction class to the ITC courses.  When she finished, she was flicking through the channels on the TV, when she spotted a interview that had One direction performing.  She stopped to watch it, it was from today because has on his batman shirt, underneath the leather Jacket he was wearing.  On the interview portion him and the boys, just go asked the dreaded Questuon:  Who is still on the market? that was the questioned askd by the interviewer.  Harry hand shot up and answered the question first, "Well Niall and I are still single and ready to mingle."
    Niall nodded his head  in agreement, then Liam spoke up," Me and Dani are still strong, and for the little man-child over there is still with El."
    Louis laughed at his nickname and nodded. then the interviewer spoke to Zayn "So, Zayn do you have a lady or are you still on the hot boy market?"
    "Well, I don't know if she wants this, but I do have a girlfriend now, her name is Nikki and she is amazing," Zayn said.
    "How long have you to been dating?" the interview questioned again.
    "Well, theirs the catch, only about a day and a half," Zayn answered.
`    Nikki watch the rest of the interviewing smiling.  When the interview ended, she shut off the TV and went to pack her things and start on some off Boo's things.  Half way through her packing her phone started going off.   The caller ID showed someone special, Zaynie Bear <3. She smiled before picking up," Heller."
    "Hey babe, Vas happin'?" he questioned.
    "Just packing, you can come over if you want," she stated.
    "I would love to but the lads and I are heading to the arena for sound check.  But I promise when I finish we can hangout, k," he said.
    Nikki smiled almost completely faded before she replied," I guess, just hurry, no ones home and I am bored."
    "I will it should only take and hour or so," he said.
    "Okay, well bye see you soon," she said.
    "Bye babe, I am sorry,"he said.
    Nikki starts to take the phone away from her head when  she heard Louis scream something," Nikki he's lying, we don't have sound check, he just going to get a gift, bye."
    She smiled at that even though he lied, but it was for a good reason.
    The day dragged out.  After awhile Zayn showed with a; present.  Nikki and Zayn spent the night cuddling and talking until they headed back his hotel.  
    Zayn and Nikki spent the rest of the week together.  The went on their first official date.  Zayn took her down to the Marina.  Boo even came over a couple times and got a feel what she would deal with for the next six or seven months.


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