How I met your mother

It's the year 2034. That's right 21 years into the future. The boys relive there lives and tell their kids the story of how they met their mothers.


2. Chapter one

'Alright kids, I'm going to set the scene a little bit for you first' Harry announced. The children stared at him bright eyed and wistful, awaiting the great story of their mothers. To be honest, Harry had to 'set the scene' because he had no clue how to tell their story but as always he faked confidence and ran will it. 

'So 2013...' 


January 2013

So, today was a considerably sucky day. One direction has blown up everywhere which is wonderful for my wallet, not so great for my sanity. I'm sick of these tabloids, screaming about the player I am and constantly talking of how many women I have slept with. God, I'm young and bored so sue me. However a wave of sadness hits me when I read these aggressive tabloids. I want to find love. I want a relationship. I want the one. 

I was waiting by myself in a bar named McLaren's. The boys and myself had sort of adopted it as our home away from home. The apartments we live in were above a shady bar, that was barely ever occupied. This was a perfect hide out for the one direction boys. The bartenders know our order by heart and greet us with a smile. We always meet in the same booth every night. The booth has teared leather and sometimes smells of pee, but usually we get to drunk to notice it. 

I sat drinking alone until the group rolled through. Louis and Eleanor were the first to join me in the booth. Louis sat beside me and Eleanor beside him. They had been together two years so far but their the couple most voted at school to be together forever. I had a small hint of jealousy of their relationship but they were my best friends and I got over it quickly. 

The next to join us was Zayn. Zayn was in the same boat as me being single and ready to mingle. We end up hanging out at the bar together more then the rest of them. Our single status seemed to bring us together more then the others. He sat opposite us in the booth and the female waitress came over and shamelessly flirted with him, earning him a free drink. Typical vain Zayn. 

Liam joined us an hour later with his girlfriend Maddi. They had been dating a little over year but they were miraculously still in the honeymoon phase. Maddi was perfect for Liam. She's intelligent like Liam and he always says how he fell in love with her mind first. Well that's a load of crap because Maddi is beautiful and there would be no way that wouldn't factor in.

The last to join us was Niall. Usually Niall would arrive alone but lately he had been missing bar dates with us. He was being very aloof and suspicious, hinting towards a girlfriend. It had been about 4 months and finally, as Niall turned the corner of the door frame, he was linked arms with a girl. Well, she was a beautiful short blonde. She nuzzled into his arm, as Niall strided towards us. 

'Hey guys, I would like you to all meet Becca' Niall introduced, giving us a nervous smile. The group looked over at each other and then each member eyed her from head to toe. She was beautiful with a happy, chirpy smile which could get annoying. She makes Niall happy though and in silent deliberation we all agreed and moved to make a spot for her. 

So this was our unofficial group of 2013, minus one. My girlfriend was still to come but that's further on in the story. 



'Wait! Uncle Harry? Did you change all the names of the girls because mummy's name is Eleanor' Louis son Wilco asked. 

'Well, Uncle Louis and Aunt Eleanor were always endgame, no doubt about it. Actually I don't think they dated anybody except each other. But every perfect relationship has it's bumps' Harry answered, while smiling over at Louis, who knew just how many bumps their relationship has survived. 

'Okay, so start the real story now!' Daisy squealed, Squirming in Harry's lap to get herself more comfortable. 

'Alright! Where was I?...' 

***** Authors note ****

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