is she the one?

Freedom is a 17 year old girl who lives in a big house and her mom and dad are most likely going to separate and Justin comes in right in time to comfort her. thanks to the concert Freedom went to they are closer than ever. read to find out more!


17. to much

he carried me back to the cabin bridal style.

when we got back to the cabin there was already people moaning there... wow this was awkward. so instead we went to the basement so the couldn't hear us and we couldn't hear them. I still could not believe that Nash was dating Selena. I wonder if he even knows that she kissed Justin the other day. oh well my mind was in another place Justin was kissing while stroking his hands up and down my leg. not going to lie it was turning me on. but we got interrupted by a crash upstairs. Justin and I went u there to see what was up and I couldn't believe this the window had been broken with  rock.

N: what happened

J: I don't know why don't you tell me

Me: where is Selena?

N: I thought she was with you?

Me and Justin: she was with you

N: no...

J: then what was all the moaning?

N: the movie I was watching.

me: ya ok....

**A/N ok I know this is short but I am at a friends! I will write tomorrow too! I cant believe mor ten 200 people have seen my story! well I will see you guys soon

LOVE LOTZ <3 ***

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