is she the one?

Freedom is a 17 year old girl who lives in a big house and her mom and dad are most likely going to separate and Justin comes in right in time to comfort her. thanks to the concert Freedom went to they are closer than ever. read to find out more!


3. the texts

note: hey guys hope you like it so far but this is only the beginning please comment what you think 

thanks loves! <3


** Justin's P.O.V. **

i was getting in to my car to head back to the hotel when i got a text from an unknown number 

unknown: hey Justin, its freedom! you rocked it tonight!! 

Justin: hey! i'm glad you liked it! my favorite part was the OLLG ;)

Freedom: haha ya that was such a blast! ;) wanna hang out tonight?!? we need to catch up like big time!

Justin: would love to! where do u wanna go?

Freedom: my house? 

Justin: sweet be there in a hour


** Freedom's P.O.V. **

all i could do was look at the texts and smile :) 

"DAD JUSTIN IS COMING OVER IN A HOUR!!" i yelled so he could hear me from his office he is always in there but its ok because then i basically have the house to myself. 

"OK dear!"

i cleaned myself up and fixed my make up and changed in to some shorts and a sweat shirt. by the time i had came down stairs and made some pop corn the door bell rang "I GOT IT DAD" with that i opened the door and there he was i tried my best not to freak but he did 

"oh my GOD i am at Freedom's house i have to tweet this" he said this in a fan girl voice all i could do was laugh. we walked in to the living room and talked about all of his concert and then we just talked about everything and by the time we decided to watch a movie it was like 12:00 am i cuddled right up next to him he kinda hesitated but he wrapped his arm around my waist. i felt home in his arms like i actually belonged. i fell asleep in the middle of the movie, i felt him kiss my forehead and lean back to go to sleep i guess. 


** Justin's P.O.V. ** 

we picked a movie and sat there i was shocked that she snuggled right up next to me but i liked it. she looked so cute when she was asleep, like an angel and i couldn't help but stare. this night had been perfect i never get nights like this it was so nice, it was even better because i was with freedom i always liked her but never had the courage to tell her the truth. i was tired i kissed her forehead and fell asleep. i dreamed that i told her the truth and she felt the same and we lived happily ever after but that only happens in fairy tales everyone knows that. but it felt so real when i woke up we and taken up the whole couch and freedom was laying on me her grip around me was tight and she was shaking like she was having a bad dream i rubbed her back to try and comfort her, it seemed to work. about 15 minutes later she woke up and those ocean blue eyes were staring in to mine i smiled at her she smiled back. she got up and was walking away 

"where are you going?"

"to the bathroom chill Beiber" 

i guess i did need to chill but i didn't want to lose her even though she wasn't mine. today was my day off so i wanted to spend it with freedom hopefully we could do something fun! 

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