is she the one?

Freedom is a 17 year old girl who lives in a big house and her mom and dad are most likely going to separate and Justin comes in right in time to comfort her. thanks to the concert Freedom went to they are closer than ever. read to find out more!


8. the sleep over

** Justin's P.O.V. **

me and freedom were walking to her house and i had soo many thoughts going threw my head about Selena and what she was going to do to Freedom i was scared that she would tell me this is to much and leave me i could feel my eyes start watering freedom meant the world to me and i don't want to lose her that would be like taking away the ability to breathe. i felt Freedom's head turn to look at me 

"Justin what's wrong" she stopped me in my tracks 

"i'm scared" my eyes got more watery and then a tear slip down my cheek and freedom wiped it away 

"of what" i saw her face look scared too only because of me crying 

"losing you" she grabbed my face and wiped the tears once more she then kissed me its was hard and passionate, not like the other kisses. she smiled and put her face in my chest the leaned up and whispered in such a sexy voice 

"you're never going to lose me i promise i love you" 

"i love you too" this was the first real time we said we love each other all the others it wasn't as special as this one we kissed and continued walking to her house.

>the house<

we walked in her house always smelt good and clean, her dad was still out of town he's not supposed to come back next weekend.

"you want some thing to eat?" she was always so considerate

"nah i'm good i do want you though" he winked 

"i cant no till Thursday" 

"uuggghhh that's like five days away!! i can't wait that long!!" she turned around to pour a bowl of cereal i ran up behind her and grabbed her waist to make her turn around

"JUSTIN! you made me spill the-" i cut her off with a kiss i kissed her hard and she noticed she dropped the spoon she had in her hand and wrapped her arms around my neck.

** Freedom's P.O.V. **

the kiss was amazing but i couldn't do anything tonight because of mother nature 'thanks a lot mo-' i got distracted by Justin grabbing my ass and boy did he have a good grip. i stopped the kiss

"i really can't do anything tonight wait till Thursday" he looked disappointed because he already had a boner

"ugh fine! but can we at least make out a little..." he paused and smiled an the added "or maybe a lot" he winked at me i smiled 

"but nothing more ok?"

"OK!!" we moved to my room i changed in to soffe  shorts and one of Justin's T's that he had left over here the other night. 

"damn!" he looked at me up and down 

"you look HOT in my clothes you should wear them more often"  i laughed at him 

"what you do look hot" he bit his lip ugh that was soo sexy! 

"now come here!" he patted his lap and no hesitation i went of and sat on his lap were i was looking at him, i bit my lip 

"damn that's hot" i laughed and put my face in his chest he lifted my head up and stared in to my eyes he lasted about 5 seconds before he had to kiss me he went to my neck and found my sweet spot i let out a slight moan he noticed and sucked harder on my neck this time the moan was loader he came back from my neck and kissed me this lasted about half a hour then he got hungry 

"can we order pizza?" he asked while i was kissing his neck 

i looked up and laughed "sure" i got my phone out and ordered and medium pepperoni  pizza and asked Justin if he wanted and thing else he mouthed "you" i laughed and said 

"that's it sir" in the 30 minutes that i toke the pizza man to get here all we did was kiss 

*ding dong* i went to go answer the door to get the pizza Justin came with me holding my waist when i opened the door the guy handed me the pizza and i paid him me and Justin went to the kitchen and i sat on the island and he stood there watching me eat my pizza i saw him looking at me so i teased him and at my pizza in "slow-motion" his mouth dropped and i laughed so hard

"THAT WAS MEAN!" he looked at the floor

"i'm sorry i couldn't help myself" i lifted his head up and pecked he lips. once we finished the pizza we watched a movie and cuddled till we both fell asleep 

NOTE: hope you like this chapter! tell me what you think! the question is will Justin hear from Selena again or was that the end of her? what's going to happen Thursday?

love lotz <3







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