is she the one?

Freedom is a 17 year old girl who lives in a big house and her mom and dad are most likely going to separate and Justin comes in right in time to comfort her. thanks to the concert Freedom went to they are closer than ever. read to find out more!


21. leave me

**Justin POV ***

i can't believe that freedom would do that to me. i mean ya i over reacted a little but i need to get my mind back together. ya i still to love her but i'm upset. i felt tears on my check i quickly rubbed them away Justin Beiber dose not cry. i got back to the cabin and selena was watching a movie i decided to sit there with her. 

Selena: what's wrong?

me: freedom kissed Nash 

she got closer to me so she could rub my back 

Sel: i always had a bad feeling about her 

i looked in Selena's eyes those beautiful brown eyes. she started to lean in so i followed. we kissed it was a ok kiss i liked freedom's kisses better.


Nash was comforting her, that should be me but comforting her just because not because some one was being a dick to her. she ran in to her room and i ran after her 

me: its not what it looks like. plus why are you even mad we are not a thing anymore!

Free: i am mad because we literally just broke up plus i didn't even want to brake up i didn't kiss him i didn't like it! you on the other hand YOU wanted to break up YOU thought i kissed him YOU thought i liked it! I STILL LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL BUT I GUESS YOU DONT FEEL THE SAME WAY!!! 

Me: I DO LIKE YOU but..... i like selena too. 

Free: well that's your problem. i don't need your shit. hope you and selena are happy together! 

** Freedoms POV ***

ugh i just want to slap him but i have to keep some of my cool.  i finished packing and went to walk out the door. i'm still crying and i see selena in the living room with Nash. i stopped and set down my bag. Nash walk over and hugged me. his grip was tight i felt a tad bit safer. he let go and i looked at selena and rubbed away my tears. 

Me: i hope you guys will be happy together. i smiled and continued Text me with updates of you guys. 

Selena half smiled: thanks for him. and i will 

i still hated her guts but i keep your enemies closer than you friends. nash walked me out. i didnt want to see justin. Nash and i hugged once more

me: im going to miss you. 

i started to tear up again

Nash: you should just go home with me or i should go with you. i don't think you are ok to be alone 

me; come with me i want my own bed

** A/N soo.. that had some drama :( poor Freedom. i hope she will be ok. 


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