is she the one?

Freedom is a 17 year old girl who lives in a big house and her mom and dad are most likely going to separate and Justin comes in right in time to comfort her. thanks to the concert Freedom went to they are closer than ever. read to find out more!


6. hat night

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** Freedom's P.O.V **

i'm still in shock that i had spent the whole day with the one and only Justin Beiber the one who used to be my best friend then turned into a pop star and i never heard from him again until last night probably the best thing that had happened to me in a long time. i got a text from Troye 

Troye: hey bae how was the concert did you see the beibes in person?!?

i didn't feel like replying because it would cause a convo and i don't want the vibration going off every 5 seconds because Justin had fallen asleep in my lap he was so cute when he was asleep. i was playing with his hair, and his hazel eyes were then looking in mine 

"hey sleepy head"

"hey beautiful" he smiled and omg the scratchy voice ugh so hott! he sat up and kissed my cheek

"what do you want to do tonight darling?"

"want to go out for dinner?" i felt like getting dressed up for some reason 

"as long as i'm with you" he smiled 

i looked at the clock it was 4:45 so we had a little time before we had to get ready 

"where do you want to go" i asked brushing away the few pieces of hair in his face 


"sounds good" i smiled he leaned in and kissed me oh so passionately i decided it was time to get ready so i told Justin leave all the body guards for the night he agreed with no hesitation 

"i will pick you up at 6:30?" 

"sure thing babe" i kissed him again and walked in to my bathroom   to get ready i stripped the sweats i had been wearing all day and stepped in to a hot shower i kept pinching myself to see if it was a dream but no i was fully awake i got out and put on a purple shimmery strapless dress and curled my hair, i put some make up on. walked out of the bathroom and in to my walk-in closet and got my black heels  the door bell rang


"OK DAD I WILL BE DOWN IS A SECOND!" i did a last minute check and grabbed my silver bag and walked down stairs Justin was staring at me the whole time i was walking down the stairs  

"have her back at a decent hour please Justin, and free text me when you are on your way home ok?"

"alright dad love you" i kissed his cheek and Justin geld out his had i grabbed it and we started walking down the side walk the sushi place wasn't that far from my house so we decided to walk there. 

** Justin's P.O.V. **

i was walking down the street with the most beautiful girl in Michigan, i had a special night planned for us we were going to sushi the to an art gallery. 

"i'm so glad that i'm with you" she got closer to me and held my arm 

"i'm so happy that i can call you mine"  i smiled and we got to the sushi place. we walked in it was a quiet place after we ate we went to the art gallery and it was such a fun night a lot of catching up she told me about her mom when she told me her eyes started watering i just wanted to hold her and keep her safe from any more hurt but i just kept listening, but she also told me about how big of a bitch she was to her and her dad and that's not cool.   i told her how Ryan and chaz were doing she asked about my mom, my mom always loved freedom. as we walked up to her front door we stood there for a minute 

"i had a great time Justin, its always been fun to be around you"

"i had such a fun time too" i leaned in for a kiss and she leaned in too. i loved her kisses they mad me feel like we were the only two in the world, i'm just worried about Selena finding out about this she always loves the drama and i don't want Freedom to get hurt she has been hurt enough with her mom. she means the world to me and i don't want anything else to happen to her. 

"i don't want anything to happen to you Freedom" my forehead was against hers 

"what would happen i'm safe with you" 

"you are my angel and i need you to stay with me forever"

"i will and i have a question for you Beiber"


"will you catch me if i fall"

"of coarse"

"good because i'm falling hard"


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