is she the one?

Freedom is a 17 year old girl who lives in a big house and her mom and dad are most likely going to separate and Justin comes in right in time to comfort her. thanks to the concert Freedom went to they are closer than ever. read to find out more!


10. forgive me!

** Justin's P.O.V. **

i was basically running to Freedoms house i needed to tell her the real story. then i remembered today's Thursday. tonight was the night and i screwed it up. 'good job justin you are such a dumb ass' i was beating myself up even though that it wasn't my fault.


i got to the door and rang the door bell, surprisingly her dad answered 

"she's up stairs, don't tell her i let you in"

"yes sir thank you sir" i ran up stairs to her room finding her crying into her  pillow with troye comforting her 

"troye" i whispered so she couldn't hear me but he could

"why are you here?" 

"i need to tell her what really happened" i paused 

"please troye let me in there" he moved so i could slip in.

i started rubbing her back like troye did and i guess she thought i was troye because right when i started rubbing her back she said

"i can't believe he did this to me i loved him, like ever since the 3rd grade and he just goes and kisses his ex like who dose that" she started crying even harder. i moved on the bed and started cradling her 

"shhh it's ok i didn't kiss her she kissed me" she stuffed her head in my chest 

"everything is going to be ok freedom i love you and would never was to hurt you"


** Freedom's P.O.V. **

i wanted to forgive him but i didn't know how i could. i looked up into those hazel eyes... and they had me sold because they told me he wasn't telling lie. i looked in them for 5 seconds then he leaned down to kiss me i met him half way then in the background troye was clapping slowly. then i heard more claps and the a "bravo" we laughed and i looked up it was troye and some other dude i'm guessing that was tyler. 

"hi who are you?" i asked him 

"tyler troye's boyfriend" he smiled and kissed troye on the cheek i could already tell that they were both very happy 

"well i'm freedom and this is-" he cut me off 

"i know who he is sweetie no need" he winked at me i laughed 

it hit me! today was Thursday! OMG!! i'm so excited!







note: hey loves! sorry i couldn't update last night i was on a date! ;) haha!! also sorry if it short didn't want to give away later that day!! any whoo hope you liked this chapter the next one is going to be pretty interesting if you ask me ;) hahaha! tell me what you think so far in the comments!! i shall talk to you next chapter ending! :) 


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