When, Where , Why

Harry and his Girlfriend go out on there 2 year anniversary, but there is a girl there who knows Harry more then a friend! Find out more when you read:)


1. What took so long?

December 10 2013

Tuesday afternoon

London, England

Jenns POV

Me and Harry have been dating for 2 years and have 1 daughter named Lucy. Today is our anniversary. Harry had just left to get breakfast. But he's taking a long time, I wonder what's taking so long?

"Mommy I'm hungry! Where's daddy?" Complained Lucy

"He should be home soon sweetie pie. He just want to go get some breakfast." I explained.

The doorbell rang and I was expecting it to be Harry but it was Sara. She has been my friend since birth. Are moms were best friends when they were little to. I opened the door.

"Sara? What are you doing here at 9am?"

"Nice to see you to Jenn, hey you want to go shopping today?"

"Ya sure, I just have to be back here before 7, me and Harry are going out for our anniversary. Hey do mind watching Lucy for us?"

"Ya sure, I'll be here at 6:30."


Lucy ran up to the door


"Hey cupcake! Do you want to come shopping with me and your mommy later?"


I invited Sara inside for some coffee. We sat down and then there was the doorbell again. It was Harry. I opened the door.

"Hey babe, what took so long?"

"Traffic love."

"Oh we'll, Sara is here for some coffee, is that okay?"

"Ya, that's fine!"

I heard running coming down the stairs. It was Lucy.

"Daddy your home!"

"Hey pumpkin." He pecked her on her forehead.

Harry went into the kitchen and lade out all the groceries.

"Hey babe, me Lucy and Sara are going shopping later but I'll be back in time to go out.

"Sure thing love."


Me and Lucy were all dressed so we headed out to go shopping with Sara. I told Harry we were leaving he gave me a kiss goodbye. We got into Sara's car and I put Lucy in her car seat and away we went to the mall.

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